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Spotlight on Orange Solutions Ltd

As the first of our client spotlight sessions, I spent some time this morning with Tony Hynes, Managing Director of Orange Solutions Limited to find out some more about his business.  Prior to our chat Tony invited me into his offices to show me the Augmented Reality systems his engineers are currently working with. 

Having never been a gamer I have never even used Virtual Reality and therefore was blown away by the Augmented Reality software application in a commercial environment…….and yes Tony did have to educate me on the difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Tony Hynes, Oramge Solutions Ltd

Me:       Tony, tell me what your company offers
Tony:     We offer integrated safety systems utilising a cloud platform for both onshore and offshore fire, gas and suppression systems.

Me:        What type of companies do you deal with?
Tony:     They are large blue chip organsations involved in renewable energy, oil, and gas.

Me:        What was your job before the incorporation of Orange Solutions Limited?
Tony:     I was a software engineering consultant in the oil and gas sector.

Me:       What is your proudest moment with the company?
Tony:    I am proud of how quickly we have grown and what the business has become. I am proud of  my engineers and staff, currently there are 14 in total. I am so happy to see the apprentices who have started with us turn into competent engineers.

Me:        What has been your favorite project to work on?
Tony:     That is a difficult one to answer, I do not think there is one single favorite project.  What’s pleasing is being able to take from inception, through design and installation, our own products which are now out there protecting people and saving lives. 

Me:        What do you like about Carrington Business Park:
Tony:     The business park has given us flexibility.  When we first started here we were in the smallest office.  As we have grown, the business park has given us the flexibility to do so. The last thing we would have wanted to do is move away from the business park.

Me:        If you could swap for a week, within your business, who’s job would you like to do?
Tony:     Aidan. He gets to play with and develop the new technology. He works on a lot of our new innovations, it is the most fun job!

Me:        What is your favorite innovation or piece of tech that you use, personally or within business?
Tony:     Augmented Reality.  We are now using this in several sectors to support and service systems. Other than that it would be the ZX 81, it was that machine that started me programming.

Me:        Tell me something interesting about you that I do not know.
Tony:     We have a place in the Lake District that we like to visit when we can and play some Golf. I also taught myself to drive a 35ft boat!

Me:        Anything that I might find funny?
Tony:     I met my wife at a wastewater treatment works!
Me:        Laughing, thinking of what they were going through on the first day they met!!

Today has been a great opportunity to get more insight into the products and services that my clients offer. I was very impressed, thinking about the technology being developed and used just down the corridor from me at Carrington Business Park.  For more information on the services Orange Solutions Limited can offer please visit their website


Published Date: 17th May 2021
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Smiling Clients

Today started meeting with Tim Morgan of Crossley Consult Ltd.  It was great to pass over £250 John Lewis vouchers as a thank you for recommending a new client MICAM Ltd to the business park. A great way to start a new week.


Thanks Tim!


Published Date: 14th December 2020
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Which office is right for you?

Business Office Park to rent

Since the easing of the first wave of restrictive guidelines, many staff have now returned to working from the office. Some, returning on a flexible basis, perhaps for 2-3 days per week with the balance of the week working from home.

Some businesses may now be looking to move away from the bustle of the city centres and relocate to suburban business centres providing free parking, restaurant facilities and managed services.

Homeworkers will again consider that an office may be the best place for their business to grow. A business environment allowing them to meet with likeminded professionals, perhaps passing business between themselves. Moving away from your home office can be so much more than your own private workspace. It can be the defining line between your work and home life. But what is the determining factor that instigates a move from homeworking to an office environment? I guess everyone has their own reason for making that business decision.

I’m sure some will consider that the value of office space far outweighs it’s actual cost for a small business, but how can you realise that value if you don’t already use managed workspace?

Carrington Business Park is moving into its 35th year of providing businesses the “Space to Succeed.” Our core value since inception has been to provide space for small businesses, allowing them to grow without the need for long term commitment. Our standard licence agreement still contains a rolling one-month notice period to allow flexibility for our clients.

We are now offering you the chance to try a small office here at Carrington Business Park, free of charge. If you are considering the move from your home office, to a professional business environment, please get in touch. We will set up an office for you, with Wi-Fi and telephone for you to use for 2 days. It is all on us! Without any obligation, you can have the opportunity to put a value on your own small office space.

Contact us to book your space, we look forward to seeing you.

– The team at Carrington Business Park




Published Date: 18th November 2020
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Do you require a free space to have you informal meetings?

It has been a long established practice of visiting coffee shops for short or informal meetings. In many cases this can be difficult if you are out of town / city. Carrington Lounge is available Monday to Friday with food served from 7:15am – 2:00pm. Free parking & Free Wifi. hashtag#carrington hashtag#trafford hashtag#managedoffices hashtag#food hashtag#freemeeting!


Published Date: 4th September 2019
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Disaster Recovery

clock clipart

Do you have plans in place for business continuity in case of emergencies?  What would happen if your office became inaccessible or you were left with no communications for whatever reason?

There are many reasons why your business may be put on hold for reasons beyond your control which could be costly.  With the developments in technology sometimes there are options for colleagues to work from home, but this is not always possible.

Today we were able to help a company who had recently moved premises but had been let down by their communications provider meaning they did not have the dedicated capacity on their broadband to effectively run their operation.  Having provided a furnished office with dedicated connection & Wi-Fi their business will be up and running as soon as their staff can get here.


Published Date: 14th August 2019
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Are you currently working from Home?

The advantages of being self employed can be a great thing.  These include choosing when you work and where you work.  In many cases working from home seems to be the most obvious way of working for a small business or satellite office.   Many people however, do not look at the costs (socially and financially) of doing so.

Working in commercial property has given me the opportunity to meet with many businesses including SME, large enterprise and private sector.  Conversations have been had with owner-managers, directors, heads of department etc, etc, etc. You may be one of these people, working from home, avoiding the traffic, having time to spend with the children?

Is it the most productive way to work?  Over the years, many of my clients have come to me as they find working from home unproductive.  Whilst their customers and suppliers are working regular office hours, they find that they often start work late as they prefer to carry out the school run themselves.  Due to other interruptions in the day (perhaps it’s a dog barking, or a few domestic duties) it has been known for many to be working into the evening long after their potential customers have left the office. Ask yourself, does working from home interfere with your family life?

Working in isolation can increase stress. It is also found that face to face interaction is crucial to identifying opportunities for collaboration, making and developing relationships and increasing your network of contacts.

Perhaps it is the financial investment in using office space allows workers to continue to work from home.  But balance that out against the extra productivity, more business opportunities and working inside a friendly business community is it really worth it.

Try an office for a month, you never know it may suit you better than you think.


Published Date: 9th August 2019
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A minutes silence

As a mark of respect and to remember those that were injured and the 22 people who sadly lost their lives during the attack at The MEN arena in 2017, Carrington Business Park will be observing a minutes silence at 2:30 pm this afternoon.


Published Date: 22nd May 2019
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Business Networking at Carrington Business Park

Thursday, 30 May 2019 from 09:30 to 11:00

We are delighted to welcome Jill Bottomley, Director of the HR Dept (Trafford and Warrington) to be our guest speaker at our Free Networking event, she will ensure you are kept up to date with the latest developments in employment law and best practice HR.
The event will be held on Thursday 30th May at 9:30am.  There will be refreshments provided and this will be a great opportunity to meet like minded business people in a relaxed environment.
Although this is a free event Donations would be kindly received for Stockdales which is a local charity based in Sale.  Natalie James will be attending and will explain a bit more about  the amazing things they do for the local community.
We look forward to seeing you.


Please contact Lisa Graham on 0161 776 4000 for a link to register via Eventbrite.


Published Date: 8th May 2019
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