‘Blogging is the way forward’

Alex McCann from Altrincham HQ was our guest speaker at this morning’s monthly Networking here on the Business Park.

Alex presented to the group on how to blog successfully for business, and he certainly is the man in the know, as Alex has been blogging since 1999 (long before most of us probably even knew what blogging was!) and some of his blogs have been read by over half a million people!

Here’s some TIPS from Alex:-

  • Who is your audience? Judge the level of information they have prior to reading the blog
  • Remember what you learnt in school about a story having a beginning, a middle and an end – this applies to blogs as well. Make sure you include the meaty bit in the middle
  • Draft, re-draft and draft again – always ask the question – What fluff is in there that doesn’t been to be? What have I missed out?
  • A blog needs to convey a level of importance and offer value to the reader. By the end of the blog have they learnt something?
  • Always end with a call to action – Do you want readers to contact you, comment on the blog or share the blog

To read more from Alex’s blogs see this link