Carrington Business Park seeing signs of a Brighter Future

In a News item for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Carrington Business Park has given economic cause for optimism by reporting that enquiries and occupancy rates are up on a year ago.

The Park, which is currently celebrating its Silver Anniversary announced this week that enquiries have risen around 10 per cent compared to early 2011 and occupancy levels are up by two per cent.

Janet Smith, General Manager at Carrington said: “We hope these figures show that there is a brighter future not only for us but businesses in this region, after a very tough few years. As a business which houses many new ventures in their infancy, we feel it is important that we let the public know that there is good news out there, with growing businesses looking at taking on bigger premises. Despite the difficulties still facing businesses we are seeing entrepreneurs with vision who are creating a variety of jobs in many diverse sectors. It goes to prove that this region is still very much open for business.”

The increase in business was welcomed by the region’s Chamber of Commerce.

Matthew Kershaw, Local Policy Manager at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said:

“This is encouraging news and matches up with the increased levels of confidence and intentions to invest that we have seen in our members’ responses to our Quarterly Economic Survey over the last year.”

He added: “It is important that we are keen and proactive in promoting good news, as it too often seems to be drowned out by negatives. If these are new or expanding businesses, then these improved figures for the Carrington Business Park are good for Carrington, Trafford and Greater Manchester as a whole.”

For full details see www.gmchamber.co.uk/stories/member-news-regional-business-park-seeing-signs-of-brighter-future