Why Choose the Conference Room Facilities at Carrington Business Park?

If you’ve ever organised a conference, you know there’s much more to it that hiring a room and inviting your delegates. Access to the right conference room facilities can make all the difference between a successful conference and a dismal failure.

If you’re looking to host a conference in Manchester, why not speak to Carrington Business Park? They offer a wide range of superb services for Manchester-based businesses, including offices to rent and a wide range of conference room facilities.

Here’s what you’ll get if you choose to hold your next conference at Carrington Business Park…

A conference room sized to suit you
Not all conferences are the same size, but no matter how many delegates you’re invited, you’ll find a suitable room at Carrington Business Park. Their conference rooms for hire are available in configurations to suit up to eight, 30, 60 or 100 people.

Free wireless internet access
Whether you need to access online content or just want to know everything’s available at your fingertips, it’s always useful to stay connected throughout your conference. For this reason, Carrington Business Park’s conference room facilities include wireless internet access at no extra cost.

Impressive multimedia facilities
These days, to really make the biggest impact you’ll almost certainly want to bring a multimedia aspect to your conference, whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or a corporate DVD. As part of their conference room facilities, Carrington Business Park can provide a TV, DVD player, plasma screen, overhead projector or LCD data projector. Whatever suits you best – and it’s included in the price of the conference room hire.

Flipcharts, pens and paper
Even if you do have a multimedia element to your conference, sometimes you just can’t beat the old-fashioned ways of working. For this reason, Carrington Business Park’s conference room facilities include a flipchart – perfect for brainstorming sessions. They’ll also provide pads of paper and pens, so your delegates can take notes throughout your conference.

Hearing loop for the hard of hearing
You’ll want your conference to be accessible to all, which is why Carrington Business Park are happy to provide a hearing loop should any of your delegates be hard of hearing.

Free drinks for you and your delegates
Conferences can be thirsty work! So to keep you going, Carrington Business Park will provide spring water, teas and coffees – even biscuits!

Free parking at Carrington Business Park
Your delegates will find it so easy to reach Carrington Business Park. It’s located on the outskirts of Manchester, just five minutes from the M60 and ten minutes from the M6. And once they arrive, they won’t need to worry about extortionate parking fees – there’s ample free parking on-site.

Find out more about Carrington Business Park’s conference room facilities, and their other great services for Manchester businesses, at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk/conference-suite-manchester.