Developing a New Product? Why It Makes Sense To Go Off-Site with Manchester Workshops

Developing a New Product? Why It Makes Sense To Go Off-Site with Manchester Workshops

Developing new product is an exciting time for any business. From the initial concept to prototypes, manufacturing, testing and finally selling your wonderful new product, it’s an exciting adventure from start to finish.

However, in order to ensure your product is as great as it can be, sometimes it makes sense to get away from your own premises for somewhere new. Renting a workshop can bring many benefits, even if it’s just on a short-term basis.

Based on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) provide offices to rent and a wealth of other services ideal for small to medium businesses. Their workshops and conferencing services are ideal if you need to get out of your office – and they’re available on short-term rental agreements.

New location, new ideas

Even in the planning stages, a change of scenery can be beneficial. Stuck in the same old building and you’re likely to come up with the same old ideas. Move somewhere new and new ideas could come pouring out!

Rent a workshop with Carrington Business Park and you’re getting more than just a workshop. There’s on-site catering – the Carrington Lounge is the ideal place to get a bite to eat and clear your head. There are also places around the grounds to rest, think and let the creative juices flow.

Dedicated area for manufacture

Renting a workshop can provide you with space dedicated to the manufacture of your new product – which you’ll really appreciate if your current premises are short on space.

Carrington Business Park offer bay spaces up to three storeys high, combined office and storage solutions, and even tailored space for the manufacture of computers, hardware or components.

Lab conditions for product testing

When testing your new product, laboratory conditions are a must to ensure accurate results.

The space provided by Carrington Business Park’s workshops for rent can be used to set up your own laboratory, ideal for research, development and testing.

Powerful product photography once it’s ready to sell

Once the product has been developed, manufactured and tested, it’s time to market it. You’ll want your product to look its very best in any marketing materials – which means high-quality commercial photography.

You could use your rented workshop at Carrington to set up a temporary photography studio. Rather than disrupt things back at your premises, you can use this space to get the perfect lighting to ensure your photography makes your product look as great as you know it is.

Remember, all of Carrington Business Park’s workshops and conference facilities are available on flexible rental agreements – so you don’t need to commit for longer than a month. And as they’re based in Manchester, close to the M60 and Manchester Airport, they’re easy to access wherever you’re travelling from. And did we mention there’s free parking?

Find out more about Carrington Business Park’s conference facilities and workshops for rent at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.