Why Flexible Terms Are Essential When Renting An Office in Manchester

Why Flexible Terms Are Essential When Renting An Office in Manchester
If you’re looking for offices to rent in Manchester, the terms of your agreement are hugely important. Getting tied into a contract for too long could have serious ramifications for your business.

Based near Manchester, Carrington Business Park  have a wide range of offices to rent. They think it’s essential to ensure the terms of your agreement are as flexible as possible. Here’s why…

You could expand faster than expected

Picture this: you’re a growing business renting your first office, and you choose one that’s just the right size (and therefore the right price) for your current set-up. But if your business continues to grow – and fast – you might soon need a bigger team, and a bigger office.

If you’ve signed a long-term contract, you could cram in more staff, but it could be an uncomfortable squeeze. You could delay expansion – hampering the growth of your business. Or you could end your contract early – which could be prohibitively expensive. With a short-term contract, you could leave for more suitable premises right away.

Downsizing may become a necessity

It’s painful, but with the continuing economic uncertainty, all businesses are making tough decisions. If you need to let staff go, you may also need to move to smaller premises. Not only is a big, empty office bad for morale, by renting a smaller office you could save more money.

Less drastically, you may choose to save money by renting less expensive premises. If you’re tied in to a contract, it might not be worth the expense of buying your way out. With a short-term agreement, you won’t have this problem.

Right office, wrong location

If you’re deep in the countryside the scenery may be inspirational – but it could be hard for clients and you staff to reach you. If you have a prime spot in a city centre it may be easy for everyone to find – but you’re probably paying much more in rent than necessary.

Maybe you decide to move to the outskirts of a city for the best of both worlds – easy access, without city centre expense. With a short-term agreement you can move as you please. Otherwise you could remain stuck in the wrong place for quite some time.

Improving your facilities

Your office may be almost perfect – but there’s always room for improvement. For example, does the office you rent have adequate free parking – or is it 20 minute walk from car to office? Do you have on-site catering – or do you rely on soggy sandwiches or trekking for miles for lunch? While perhaps not deal-breakers, they’re certainly nice to have, and if you have flexible terms you can easily move to somewhere better.

About Carrington Business Park

Conveniently located near Manchester, Carrington Business Park offer offices to rent of varying sizes, ideal for small to medium businesses. What makes Carrington different from other business units, is our Monthly License Agreement which means you won’t be tied in for longer than you want to be. Carrington’s offices also come with free parking space, and on-site catering in their cafe lounge.

To find out more, or arrange a visit to view Carrington’s offices for lease, call 0161 776 4000 or email janet.smith@cbpl.co.uk or visit the website at www.cbpl.co.uk.