Has our smallest business moved in at Carrington?

Carrington Business Park prides itself on attracting a variety of different businesses to the park, but now we may have attracted our smallest business yet. With a reputation for working through the night for delivery the next day. Pixie shoe Productions love to make shoes and tailored goods, which are of the highest quality. Payment is usually paid in bails of straw which are later spun into gold. Simply leave your work order in the magic circle to see what happens.

But seriously though Carrington Business Park offers the right conditions for your business to grow and mushroom.

  • Fertile ground – With space to grow your business at the rate you require.
  • Help and assistance – We are always happy to help our clients and we have a host of different businesses on the park who are happy to help too.
  • Inclusive rates, so that you know that you only have the one bill to pay, Rent, Electricity, Business Rates and Water rates are all included in your monthly fee. *office users only