Offices to Rent in Manchester: Business Park versus City Centre

So you’re running a successful small to medium-sized business, and you’ve decided to rent an office in Manchester. But where? Manchester’s a big city, so you’ll need to narrow it down.

There are two popular options when renting an office in Manchester: out-of-town business parks and city centre areas. Which is best for your business?

Let Carrington Business Park help you decide. Based in Carrington, near Trafford, the Park provides offices to rent, as well as offering a wide range of facilities aimed squarely at Manchester’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing an office to rent in Manchester:

How expensive is the rent on your office?
The first thing to look at is – can you afford to rent your office? Manchester city centre is highly desirable, and comes with a price tag to match. Renting an office in a business park is almost certainly going to be cheaper. And Carrington Business Park always ensure their offices to rent are very competitively priced.

How long will you be tied into renting your office?
Because offices in Manchester city centre are in such strong demand, you may be offered unfavourable terms in the rental agreement, such as demanding you commit for six or even 12 months. This won’t be the case if you rent your office at Carrington Business Park – their flexible agreements mean that one month’s notice is all you need to give if you want to leave.

How easy is it to get to the office you’re renting?
Manchester city centre is, of course, easy to reach by public transport. But if you’re travelling by car? Not so great. Conversely the location of Carrington Business Park means it’s easy to reach via the motorway network, and has the benefit of regular bus services from the city centre.

How easy is it to park around your rented office?
City centre parking is notoriously expensive – and Manchester is no exception. A rented office in the city centre is unlikely to have much, if any parking spaces – whereas Carrington Business Park can offer you ample free parking.

Is there on-site catering where you’re renting your office?
There are many, many places to eat around Manchester city centre – but at a price. You and your team will find that city centre lunches soon make a sizable dent in your wallets. Rent your office in Carrington Business Park and you can take advantage of on-site catering in the form of Cafe Carrington – and it’s very reasonably priced.

Easy accessibility, competitive rates, short-term rental agreements, free parking, on-site catering… just a few of the great reasons to choose Carrington Business Park when looking for an office to rent in Manchester. For many more great reasons, and to book a viewing, visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk/office-space-manchester/offices-2.