Partington Pledge scheme is just the job for Unemployed Stephen

You may have noticed a new face here at Carrington Business Park, as we have welcomed 24 year old Stephen Beaumont. As you may have read we have signed up to a local scheme ‘The Partington Pledge’ in which we have offered to help local unemployed youngsters gain work experience.

Stephen is now half way through his 8 week placement and has been wearing many hats during that time; from working in the Finance Department, working in the Sales Office, trying his hand in the Estates Department and even being on reception.

Photo: Local Jobseeker, Stephen Beaumont, 24, has become one of the first young people in Partington to benefit from Trafford Council’s Partington Pledge initiative that CBPL have signed up too. Stephen is half way through his 8 week placement with us and has been working in all areas of the Business including Finance, Sales and Estates. Stephen’s job prospects are already looking brighter. He has impressed us all here with his dedicated attitude and Your Housing Group has already offered him another work placement at the end of his placement here. Good Luck Stephen! If you think your Company could offer Stephen an Office Job please let us know

Alan Wearden from the Department for Work and Pensions said: “Stephen’s proactive and enthusiastic approach to his job search has paid off. Most importantly, he asked for help and this has resulted in him being given him the opportunity to gain the work experience he needs.

“I would urge others to follow Stephen’s example and seek help from the job centre. We work closely with our partners and local businesses to find work placements and job opportunities, and Stephen is proof that there are opportunities out there for young people if they show the initiative.”

Cllr Michael Hyman, Executive Councillor for Economic Growth and Prosperity, said: “I’m thrilled that the Partington Pledge is helping unemployed youngsters in Partington to gain the work experience they need. I would urge other local businesses in the area to get involved with the initiative and give the young people of Partington the chance to show what they can do. I’m sure that the work experience Stephen gains at Carrington Business Park will improve his job prospects immensely. I wish him the best of luck.”

For more Information about the Partington Pledge email Partingtonpledge@outlook.com