How to Get More When Renting an Office in Manchester

Based on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) offer offices to rent to small-to-medium sized businesses, all with added value that you just won’t find elsewhere. Here’s their guide to getting more for your money when renting an office…

Heat, power and water 

The first question to ask when looking at offices to rent is: are utility bills included? Costs for heating, electricity and water rates can soon pile up – but not if you rent your office with Carrington Business Park, as they’re all included in your monthly fee.

Free car parking. (Yes, you did read that right: FREE car parking) 

One of the perennial bugbears of all office-based workers is that parking can be hard to find without paying extortionate rates. Carrington Business Park prove it’s possible to rent an office that comes complete with ample parking – and free car parking at that!

Make the most of lunch with on-site catering 

Lunchtime is an important part of the working day, offering time to relax, unwind and clear your head while enjoying a bite to eat. But how many of us settle for speedily scoffing down a limp sandwich at our desks? Rent an office from Carrington Business Park and you can enjoy a relaxing, great value lunch at the Carrington Lounge. Whether enjoying a quiet break, socialising with colleagues or networking with other business owners, lunch in the Carrington Lounge is a break well spent.

Security guards keeping your property protected 

All businesses need security – but it can be costly. However, Carrington Business Park has its own on-site security guards, so there’s no need to worry about the extra hassle and expense of arranging security yourself – your premises and property will be fully protected.

The flexibility to leave whenever you like 

With so many attractive benefits to renting an office with Carrington Business Park, it seems almost unthinkable that you’d ever want to leave! But if that day does come, thanks to Carrington’s flexible agreements, you only have to give one month’s notice. And if the reason you need to move is that the office is no longer a suitable size for your business, do remember that Carrington Business Park have offices of many different sizes to choose from.

So, when you rent an office from Carrington Business Park you’re not just renting an office – you’re renting security, flexibility, catering and car parking, all for a very attractive price, and all on a short-term agreement. You’ll be working in a superb location too, with Manchester city centre and Manchester Airport within easy reach.

So get more than just an office when you rent your office – visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk to find out how.