October Networking Success

On 16th October we held our regular monthly Networking session. This month was the biggest turnout we have had so far with over 30 people representing their Companies.

We had Amanda Manson from ‘Orderly Office and Home’ presenting at the ’10  minute slot’, where she presented us with some fantastic ideas about keeping organised and tidy in the Workplace. Please see Amandas website for more information:http://www.orderlyofficeandhome.co.uk

Our Networking Event is a great opportunity for local businesses to meet up, get to know one another and hopefully utilise each others services in the future. We have had many Companies who are now working together, which has come about through our groups.


Our group has a very relaxed approach and is quite a casual type format. We meet aqt 9.30am for refreshments, at the main reception here at Carrington Business Park. Once everyone has arrived (by 9.45 usually) we begin. Everyone has a seat around the table and has a minute or two to introduce themselves and their business. After this, each month we have a guest speaker who has a 10 minute ‘educational’  slot to do a presentation of their choice. This is not a sales pitch as such, more how you feel whatever your business is can benefit other businesses out there!!

After this its open Networking and Refreshments.

If you would like to know more or book onto the next Event please contact me


Next Events – November 13th and December 11th 2012