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4 Reasons for Renting An Office in Manchester

Looking for offices to rent, there are so many things to take into account -such as location, size, length of agreement and the how do you know what’s right for you?

Carrington Business Park ( can help. Based on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park have been renting offices to Manchester-based small and medium businesses for more than 25 years.

4 Reasons why you should rent an Office at Carrington Business Park

1. Easy Access for staff and customers
Located in Manchester’s outskirts Carrington Business Park is easy to access and less expensive. than in Manchester’s city centre. What’s more, staff and clients travelling to you by car won’t have to navigate central Manchester’s traffic and at Carrington there’s even free parking.

2. Rent an Office that’s the right size for you
When choosing your office to rent, consider the space you need for equipment and your team, and rent an office that’s the right size for it all. Bigger offices can have a cold, impersonal atmosphere, and incur unnecessarily expensive heating and lighting costs. You can always move to bigger (or smaller) premises as and when you need to.

3. Rent an office with a flexible agreement
At Carrington Business Park you can rent an office with a short-term agreement that you are able to leave with no more than one month’s notice, therefore providing a flexible agreement for any business.

4. Look for an office to rent with great added extras
One of the differentiators between a good office and a great office is the range of facilities offered. Do you have access to conference and training rooms? On-site catering? Free parking? Carrington Business Park has all this and more. Come and visit our offices today and see for yourself.

To find out what Carrington Business Park ( can offer your business call us today on 0161 776 4000 or email us at


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How to Set Up Your Training Room for Great Results

If you carry out training session either within your company or to your clients, you’ll need a training centre in Manchester that delivers the best facilities and service. At Carrington Business Park ( we have a training room that offers businesses a range of services to ensure that your training events stand the best chance of success.

We have years of experience supporting businesses with their training needs so read on to find out how you can set up your training room to guarantee success.

A Room with a View

If possible, opt for a room with natural lights. Hotels often offer training rooms with no windows which can feel oppressive particularly if you are planning a full day training event. Windows will give the room a feeling of space and allow fresh air into the room to avoid that midday slump!

It can help to arrange the room so that the windows are towards the back of your delegates. This then throws natural light onto the speaker at the front and your delegates won’t be distracted by going-on outside the room.

Plan Your Day

When planning the training schedule think about when you will have breaks for tea and coffee. People are more alert in the morning so you can build longer sessions in there. The afternoon can become a struggle as people start to feel sleepy after lunch so more frequent breaks can keep people focused.

There is constant easy access to hot beverages throughout the day in each training room which is less disruptive than people leaving and returning to go to the café.

Create Some Space

Give yourself some space to move at the front of the room. People will find the presentation more engaging if you are able to move around freely rather than being sat stationary in a corner. Don’t opt for a table at the head of the room as many traditional room layouts provide. By removing this barrier your training session will feel more comfortable and informal. The delegates are more likely to work together and you can join in with them too.

Keep Your Eye on the Time

If you can move the clock behind your audience’s heads so you can keep an eye on the time. This will help you to keep on track without anyone knowing!

If you are looking for a professional, stylish training centre in Manchester to hold your events then contact Carrington Business Park ( today on 0161 776 4000 or email us at to speak to one of our experienced team.


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Make the right choice for your conference room

When looking for conference rooms you need to be sure to do your homework. When you hold any meeting or conference its essential to ensure that the image of the company will be well maintained and that your attendees leave the event with only positive thoughts about your business. If you fail to ensure you have chosen the right venue you will be left with disgruntled guests and the impact on your business could be detrimental. At Carrington Business Park ( we have a range of smart conference rooms with a wide range of facilities to choose from should you need them. If you have a conference to plan, then use our handy checklist to ensure it is a resounding success!

A Great Location

Choosing a good location is one of the most important considerations to make when renting conference facilities. It needs to be somewhere that is easily accessed by your attendees by a range of transport networks and it should be easy to find. There is nothing worse than your guests arriving late and flustered because your conference room is hidden way off the beaten track. To get your conference off to the best start choose a venue that is close to motorway and rail networks, and also check there are adequate hotel facilities in the area if people are travelling a distance. A city like Manchester is well connected to transport links and will offer your guests a wide range of places to stay.

Excellent Facilities

The type of conference will influence the type of facilities you require; however, most conferences will need a level of technical equipment for projecting presentations and if there is a training element you may require separate meeting rooms for break-out sessions. Think carefully about the facilities you will require and ensure that your chosen venue can deliver.

Good Car Parking Facilities

When looking at the location you also need to consider car parking facilities. Many attendees will travel to the venue by car and if car parking is easy and stress-free your conference will get off to a good start. Make sure you supply clear directions to the car park area and let people know in advance if there is a charge for parking.

Check Capacity

When booking your conference room consider the maximum capacity required. You need to be sure that you can accommodate all your guests without them feeling crammed in so double check there is adequate space.


Regardless of how long your conference is, you’ll need to offer adequate refreshments. If it is an all-day event the venue will need to provide tea and coffee as an absolute minimum. However, it is best to find a venue with quality catering facilities with someone on hand to refill empty pots.

Finding the right venue can be a difficult task but with the right planning and an experienced team to help you, your event will run without a hitch. Contact our conference team at Carrington Business Park ( on 0161 776 400 or email at for more information.


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Make your event a success with conference room hire

Most businesses will require conference room facilities throughout the year. Whether you are holding a small training session for staff or are holding a large seminar to attract new clients, ensuring you have a smart and professional looking conference room is important to achieve your goals. At Carrington Business Park ( we offer conference room hire where you can choose from a quality range of rooms and facilities to suit your event needs.

Make a lasting impression with stylish conference rooms

There are many reasons to hire a conference room. It may be the perfect forum to announce a new company development or highlight a new product to clients, suppliers and employees. You may want to use conference facilities to hold your annual sales event or you may use it as a means to access new customers or suppliers in the form of an educational seminar or open day. Regardless of what your goals and objectives are, the first impression counts and can have a huge influence on the success of the day. A professional looking, well maintained conference room will reflect positively on your business and ensure the day is a success.

When choosing a conference room to hire it is best to think in terms of your company brand. Does the venue reflect the values of your brand? Is it professional, smart and welcoming? It’s always worthwhile visiting the venue first to review the room set up, the refreshments and toilet facilities and the all important technical support. If you consider these elements carefully you can be sure your audience will be impressed and will leave with positive recommendations about your company. Your audience should feel well looked after and comfortable. A cold room or unappetising food for lunch will leave delegates feeling disgruntled after all!

Plan the day for success

When planning your conference here are some tips for success:

Refreshments – Think about when your conference is taking place. Starting before breakfast can encourage a good turn-out as your conference won’t disrupt the working day. However an early start requires a tasty breakfast and plenty of tea and coffee. No matter what time your conference starts the food and drink will be instrumental in keeping guests happy and alert. Hungry delegates are likely to lose concentration so build in plenty of breaks. This will also allow for some networking time.

Room Set Up – Depending on the number of guests and the type of event, there are different layouts that can be used. Our conference team will be able to advise you on the best set up to meet your needs. For example if you are holding a large event a theatre layout may work well. For smaller groups a U-shape can stimulate interaction and group discussion.

At Carrington Business Park ( we have functional and effective conference rooms for hire in Manchester, located close to a wide range of transport networks we are ideally positioned to help make your event a success!. Contact our experienced staff today on 0161 776 4000 or to find out how we can help you.


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Successful events with quality conference facilities in Manchester

Regardless of your business type or size at some point you will require conference facilities. In Manchester Carrington Business Park ( is renowned for its professional conference and meeting rooms all fully equipped to ensure your event is a success.

Make a difference with stylish conference facilities

You could choose to hold a conference for a number of reasons. You may want to announce a new initiative or launch a new product to staff and customers or you may want to bring your sales team together for a training day or annual sales review. Another business may find that a conference suite is the perfect venue to hold a seminar to target new prospects. No matter what the end goal of your event, the overall impression created due to the venue and the facilities will leave a lasting impression on attendees. If you want people to remember the day for all the right reasons then choosing good conference facilities is crucial.

An event or conference is another way of expressing your brand or company values so you need to ensure the venue creates the right impression. Make sure every element is just right from the conference room decor, to the toilet facilities, refreshments and technical back up. If all these elements are well thought through and professional you’ll make the right impression. A good conference suite will have a team to provide back up so your delegates feel comfortable and the event runs without a hitch. A technical hiccup or limp sandwiches for lunch can leave your guests feeling less than satisfied.

Getting the details right

There are some key factors to consider when planning the day and choosing your venue:

Food and drink – When is your event taking place? Many conferences can start early with the need for breakfast and refreshments whereas others may run throughout the day. If you don’t feed and water your delegates they can become distracted and for full day events it’s wise to build in breaks with refreshments so people can recharge and network.

Layout – Different layouts are suitable for different events. At Carrington Business Park our team can help you decide on the perfect layout. For example a theatre set up will accommodate a larger conference whereas smaller briefings may find a U-shape set up encourages discussion and interaction.

Facilities – How will you be communicating with delegates? Is a projector required? Will you be using audiovisual display or linking to the web? No matter what you require Carrington Business Park ( can provide the equipment and ensure someone is on hand at set up and save time.

If you are looking for conference facilities in Manchester then contact Carrington Business Park on 0161 776 4000 or With great access to transport links and stylish conference rooms guaranteed to impress your delegates, we’re the perfect choice.


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How to make your conference more effective

Here at Carrington Business Park ( we have many years of experience providing conference facilities in Manchester. Conferences can be a powerful platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes to engage with staff, suppliers, customers and prospects. You can significantly increase the effectiveness of the conference by setting the room effectively.

Out step-by-step guide will ensure your attendees get the most out of your conference and you achieve your goals.

Check the room before you start planning

Take time to walk around the chosen conference room to get an understanding of the space available to you. Look out for electrical points so you know the best place to position electrical equipment such as projectors and screens. Be careful to minimise the risk of wiring on the floor which could become a tripping hazard as people walk to their seats. At Carrington Business Park we’ll set up projectors for you ensuring wires are well hidden.

Also understand the capacity of the room. Is it big enough to seat your attendees comfortably? The size and layout of the room will also determine the set up of chairs and tables. Will everyone be able to see visual aids? Will people at the back be able to hear the speaker?

Consider the seating layout

If you are holding a large conference then a theatre-style layout may be more effective. However if you have 20 people or less a U-shape set up is more intimate and can be encourage attendees to engage better with the speaker. For smaller audiences a large conference table can be used but always make sure the person furthest away will be able to hear well.

Refreshments and Breaks

It’s important to always provide plenty of breaks and refreshments if you want to hold your audience’s attention for any given time. It can be a good idea to make water readily available on the tables – this can discourage people getting up while you are in mid-flow which can be distracting for you and others.

Always check out what the catering facilities are at your venue. At Carrington Business Park we can provide food and refreshments at intervals throughout the day. Whether you want tea and coffee or something more substantial, our catering team are on hand to make sure your audience feel welcomed.

At Carrington Business Park ( we offer a wide range of conference facilities in Manchester. If you are unsure about the size of room required then speak to us and we’ll be happy to help on 0161 776 400 or email


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Planning for success with professional conference room facilities

If you haven’t organised a conference before it can be a very daunting prospect. Here at Carrington Business Park ( we offer a range of high quality conference room facilities to support you when organising an event.

A badly planned conference can have serious repercussions for your organisation and can affect the brand negatively so it’s important to get the right expertise to ensure your conference is delivered to the best standards.

We know it can be difficult to know where to start so here are some guidelines on making your conference planning a success!

Make an Impact with Technology

If you are planning to have several speakers at your conference and there is little or no visual aids you can find your audience will begin to get bored. Don’t rely solely on the skills of your speaker to engage your delegates.

Use conferencing technology to help communicate and reinforce the message. Powerpoint presentations, video links and charts are just some of the ways you can illustrate your message. We can help you set up any technology and are always on hand to make sure things run smoothly.

Access to Accommodation

When planning the location of your conference rooms you need to be sure it’s within easy travelling distance for your delegates or clients. At Carrington Business Park we are located just outside Manchester city centre and within easy reach of motorway, rail and airport networks. There is ample hotel accommodation in the area if people are travelling long distances and plenty of free parking.

This will increase the success of your conference as people are more likely to attend if travel and accommodation is catered for. Use social media to share details of hotels and travel directions.

Professional Conference Room Facilities

Take time to ensure that your conference room facilities are up to standard. If your venue is well equipped things will run smoothly and you’ll have a greater chance of success. Think about Wi-Fi access, the facilities for catering and refreshments and whether you’ll need meeting rooms for break-out sessions.

Also consider the size of your event and how you would like the seating to be arranged. Ensure your venue can cater for your needs. At Carrington Business Park we have a range of conference rooms all fully equipped with Wi-Fi and the latest video-conferencing technology. Our team is on hand to help you set up and we have a great range of catering options.

If you are looking for a comprehensive range of conference room facilities the team at Carrington Business Park will be happy to help. Call us today on 0161 776 4000 or email


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Could training save you money?

At Carrington Business Park ( we offer a wide range of training rooms and conference facilities to businesses. Training can often be viewed as a nice-to-have luxury but more and more businesses are recognising training as a strategic investment that increases productivity, motivates staff and reduces employee turnover. Choosing to hold training days off-site ensures that staff concentrate fully on the aims of the day as well as making them feel valued. Read on to find out why you should consider training rooms at Carrington Business Park:

Reducing costs and time

Although there is an initial financial outlay for training, in the long term it can help to increase a company’s profitability. When employees are poorly trained it often follows that performance is low. Staff are unsure of how to fulfil their roles or do not understand why they should work in a particular way. Training allows employers to explain the requirements of a job which reduces the amount of time needed to correct errors and bad performance as well as limiting maintenance costs and customer complaints. Training also ensures staff require less management and have a higher work output. It allows an employee to grow and develop and can mould the managers of the future.

Increased Staff Satisfaction

Many staff will see training as proof that their employers value them and due to a growing understanding of the company employee satisfaction and loyalty grows. Employees that receive excellent training are less inclined to look for other employment reducing recruitment costs in the long run. However the training must be tailored to their needs and expectations to be truly effective in securing commitment. Employers need to ensure the information provided in training is valuable and that it is delivered in a way that supports learning. Choosing well-equipped training facilities can support this.

Reducing staff churn

A company can reap significant financial rewards from maintaining highly trained staff as the loss of employees can be costly. There are administration costs associated with an employee leaving such as exit interviews but the replacement costs can be far higher. A business has to find new applicants, take time out to interview and induct new employees. With a strong training programme the turnover of staff can be reduced dramatically.

At Carrington Business Park we have various training rooms available to accommodate groups of all sizes whether you are holding a team briefing or a department training day. All our training rooms are equipped with conference facilities so that you have all the support materials required to make the day a success. In addition to that we can help you with catering options. To find out more contact one of the team at Carrington Business Park on 0161 776 4000.


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Could Manchester take your business to the next level?

At Carrington Business Park ( we are ideally situated for any business to tap into the vibrancy and commercial success of Manchester. Known as the second city of the United Kingdom, Manchester has established itself as a thriving business community. With a wide range of offices available to accommodate both small scale and larger companies it is worth understanding a little more about the benefits that Manchester could bring to your business.

Fully accessible by all major transport routes

Choosing office space close to Manchester ensures that your business is well positioned logistically. Carrington Business Park is situated close to the M62, M60 and M6 making the offices easily accessible by car for staff, clients and suppliers. Developing your client base in the North West couldn’t be easier with direct links to all major motorway networks.

Manchester International Airport is a short drive away if you have global reach and there is easy access to rail links.

Manchester, the business centre of the North West

Our offices are based in a semi-rural location just outside the centre of Manchester so you can avoid the misery of heavy traffic but be in the city quickly when required.

The centre of Manchester offers great opportunity to businesses. There are many exciting, well established commercial areas such as Deansgate and Piccadilly. Media City has become a vibrant hub for digital and creative businesses and surrounding areas such as Stockport, Warrington and Bolton are easy to reach.

Manchester’s Media Industry

Manchester has established a strong reputation within the digital, media and creative sectors. Most famously the city is home to the much-loved TV soap, Coronation Street which owns the proud accolade of the longest-running soap opera globally. Other iconic shows such as Shameless have put Manchester well and truly on the map and this has been reinforced by the BBC’s decision to relocate to Salford Quays.

In addition to the film and TV industry, Manchester has established itself as a leader in the digital industry with agencies of all shapes and sizes finding their niche in the city. Many industrial spaces have been converted to accommodate the growing demand for offices in Manchester. For businesses choosing to make Manchester their base there is a wealth of opportunity.

A diverse and vibrant city

Manchester has a strong personality and enjoys a diverse cultural base. The people and communities in Manchester ensure that there are many markets to draw business from and opportunities to develop a winning niche.

Choosing offices in Manchester could be just what your business needs to take it to its next level. At Carrington Business Park we have a range of beautifully outfitted offices to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Contact our experienced team on 0161 776 4000 or email now to find out more.



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Make the right impression with professional Manchester conference room facilities

No matter what type of business you run there will be times when you will require conference room facilities. At Carrington Business Park ( we offer professional meeting rooms and a conference suite that will hold up to 100 delegates.

Stand out from the crowd with your conferences

There are many reasons why a company may choose conference facilities. It could be to update your employees on the forthcoming year’s sales targets or to train staff and managers on a new product launch. Alternatively your business may use a conference as the format to encourage new business through a seminar or visitor event. Regardless of your goals, the look and management of any event will leave a lasting impression on the attendees and will have a huge influence on the success of the day.

In the same way you would double check every last detail of a marketing brochure to ensure it reflect the corporate identity of your business, when you hold a conference event you want to be sure that everything from the layout, to the decor, to the facilities and refreshments project a professional image. Your delegates feel welcomed and well-attended and feel comfortable that the event is well organised and thought out. The last thing you want is embarrassing technical issues with the projector or an unappetising buffet.

Making an impact

When deciding on the layout of your conference room we take into consideration your business needs. There are several areas you need to plan and here are some of our top tips:

Food and refreshments – consider whether your event will take place over breakfast or lunchtime. Hungry delegates can get restless so it makes sense to offer refreshments even for a relatively short event. At Carrington Business Park we have catering facilities on-site and can offer a range of options.

Layout – depending on the type of event there are a range of layout available to you. For large staff conferences a theatre layout may be appropriate whereas a smaller team briefing may benefit from a more intimate U-Shape layout.

Facilities – think about the type of facilities required for your event. Do you need an overhead projector or audiovisual display screens for example. Whatever your needs we can facilitate your event and ensure all equipment is set up and in working order.
Being just minutes from motorways and Manchester Airport, and with extensive free parking, conference rooms at Carrington Business Park are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your clients and employees for all the right reasons. Contact us to book now on 0161 776 4000 or


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