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Since the easing of the first wave of restrictive guidelines, many staff have now returned to working from the office. Some, returning on a flexible basis, perhaps for 2-3 days per week with the balance of the week working from home.

Some businesses may now be looking to move away from the bustle of the city centres and relocate to suburban business centres providing free parking, restaurant facilities and managed services.

Homeworkers will again consider that an office may be the best place for their business to grow. A business environment allowing them to meet with likeminded professionals, perhaps passing business between themselves. Moving away from your home office can be so much more than your own private workspace. It can be the defining line between your work and home life. But what is the determining factor that instigates a move from homeworking to an office environment? I guess everyone has their own reason for making that business decision.

I’m sure some will consider that the value of office space far outweighs it’s actual cost for a small business, but how can you realise that value if you don’t already use managed workspace?

Carrington Business Park is moving into its 35th year of providing businesses the “Space to Succeed.” Our core value since inception has been to provide space for small businesses, allowing them to grow without the need for long term commitment. Our standard licence agreement still contains a rolling one-month notice period to allow flexibility for our clients.

We are now offering you the chance to try a small office here at Carrington Business Park, free of charge. If you are considering the move from your home office, to a professional business environment, please get in touch. We will set up an office for you, with Wi-Fi and telephone for you to use for 2 days. It is all on us! Without any obligation, you can have the opportunity to put a value on your own small office space.

Contact us to book your space, we look forward to seeing you.

– The team at Carrington Business Park




Published Date: 18th November 2020
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Latest Offers

Please contact us on 0161 776 4000 to discuss our latest offers.


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Latest Offers

Contact Janet Smith on 0161 776 4151 to find out about our Autumn offers for offices to accommodate 1-4 people.

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2.2 Acres of secure land currently available.  To find out more, contact Janet Smith on 0161 776 4151.




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