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Do you need a Workshop or Training Facility near Manchester?

The office you rent may be perfect for your day-to-day business. But every now and then, you’ll need facilities that your office simply doesn’t have. Is there anywhere available that would suit your needs?

Carrington Business Park ( is ideal. They are based near Manchester and have a wide range of facilities available that can be adapted perfectly for workshop and training use on flexible rental agreements – perfect for short-term projects.

So what are the benefits of using Carrington’s workshop and training facilities?

1. Training your staff – free from distraction

Training is an essential part of every business and quite often the office is not the correct environment to carry out this training. Carrington have bespoke, reconfigurable training rooms for both small or large groups free from everyday office distractions.

2. Researching, developing and manufacturing new products

Does your business require the use of a laboratory for testing new products?
Carrington can provide the ideal space for a lab for you, whether carrying out research and development into new products or manufacturing delicate, intricate electrical components.

3. Product and Commercial photography production

If you’re producing photography for marketing purposes, not only do you need a professional photographer, you’ll also need a room with the right space and lighting to get the best possible photos – your boardroom isn’t going to cut it. Carrington’s open, spacious facilities can be adapted to provide you with the ideal studio conditions for striking, high-quality commercial photography.

So why decide on Carrington Business Park for your workshops and training rooms?

Based on Manchester’s outskirts, Carrington Business Park is easy to reach whether travelling by car, public transport, or even by plane, with the motorway network and airport close by. If you do travel by car, you can take advantage of free parking. What’s more, Carrington Business Park is run on a not-for-profit basis, so you’ll find their rates highly competitive.

And if you realise your current office isn’t quite right after all, Carrington Business Park also boasts a wide range of offices to rent. They are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, all on flexible, short-term contracts. And remember, if you rent an office in Carrington Business Park the workshops and training facilities will always be close by for when you need them.

To find out more about Carrington Business Park’s workshop and training facilities, or their offices to rent, visit or call today to speak to our experienced staff on 0161 776 4000.


Published Date: 19th January 2017
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4 Reasons for Renting An Office in Manchester

Looking for offices to rent, there are so many things to take into account -such as location, size, length of agreement and the how do you know what’s right for you?

Carrington Business Park ( can help. Based on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park have been renting offices to Manchester-based small and medium businesses for more than 25 years.

4 Reasons why you should rent an Office at Carrington Business Park

1. Easy Access for staff and customers
Located in Manchester’s outskirts Carrington Business Park is easy to access and less expensive. than in Manchester’s city centre. What’s more, staff and clients travelling to you by car won’t have to navigate central Manchester’s traffic and at Carrington there’s even free parking.

2. Rent an Office that’s the right size for you
When choosing your office to rent, consider the space you need for equipment and your team, and rent an office that’s the right size for it all. Bigger offices can have a cold, impersonal atmosphere, and incur unnecessarily expensive heating and lighting costs. You can always move to bigger (or smaller) premises as and when you need to.

3. Rent an office with a flexible agreement
At Carrington Business Park you can rent an office with a short-term agreement that you are able to leave with no more than one month’s notice, therefore providing a flexible agreement for any business.

4. Look for an office to rent with great added extras
One of the differentiators between a good office and a great office is the range of facilities offered. Do you have access to conference and training rooms? On-site catering? Free parking? Carrington Business Park has all this and more. Come and visit our offices today and see for yourself.

To find out what Carrington Business Park ( can offer your business call us today on 0161 776 4000 or email us at


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Quality Training Rooms for Maximum Success

When it comes to delivering a fantastic training session you can ensure success by hiring a professional looking training room with outstanding facilities. At Carrington Business Park ( we can help whether you are looking for the perfect venue for a product training day or if you want to bring staff together for a team briefing. No matter what your requirements we can offer advice and excellent training rooms to suit.

When choosing your training room there are several considerations to be made. How many people will be attending the training session? What types of equipment and technology will you need? Do you have any other specific requirements? No matter what type of training session you are planning the following areas need to be considered before you make a decision:

Getting the Location Right

Your number one consideration should be where to hold the training session. You need people to be able to access the venue easily whether by road or public transport. At Carrington Business Park we are ideally situated close to one of the North West’s leading cities for business and enterprise. Close to rail and motorway networks as well as Manchester International Airport you can be sure your attendees will be able to travel easily to your training venue. If you need to accommodate people with an overnight stay, Manchester and the surrounding areas boast high quality hotels to ensure the whole experience is a positive one. Parking is also a major consideration and again there is plenty on hand.

Know your Audience

Good planning will make all the difference so start by fully understanding your delegate’s requirements. You need a room with adequate space so that delegates are comfortable without the room being too big.
Consider the layout also. We can advise on the best layout to meet your training goals. Do you want to stimulate group discussion? Would you like delegates to break out into smaller groups? All your requirements are easily accommodated.

Technology Counts

When you need things to run smoothly having technical back up can make all the difference. Also ensure that your chosen venue has the technology that you need whether you want access to Wi-Fi, video conferencing facilities, audio or projector equipment.

If things go wrong, it will reduce your stress levels to know that you have an onsite team to help you get things up and running. Someone who can quickly run off some photocopies or connect a device to Wi-Fi can ensure you are ready to go before your delegates arrive!

At Carrington Business Park ( you’ll be impressed by our range of training rooms and the facilities offered. Visit us to meet our highly experienced team and discuss your training needs today or call us on 0161 776 4000 or email us at


Published Date: 12th October 2016
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Looking for the best training facility in Manchester

If you’ve ever been to a great training event, it’s likely that your positive experience was not driven purely by the subject matter. Often the training facility is of equal importance. If you are looking for a quality training facility in Manchester, then here at Carrington Business Park ( we can help. Whether you are looking to hold a large training seminar or train a small group of staff, our experienced team can support you throughout.

If the secret to success is ensuring that the training facilities are up to scratch, what types of considerations should you make when choosing the perfect training venue? Here are some tips and guidelines for choosing a winning training facility.

Get the location right

A great training room with all the mod-cons won’t make your event a success if people can’t get there. The location of your venue is one of the most important factors. Choosing somewhere that is easily accessible by rail, motorway and air will ensure you attract the most attendees.

Manchester is an ideal location with great transport networks and fantastic hotels. This dynamic city is also one of the leading business centres of the North West and the UK. This will prove attractive to many business people choosing training events. Not only can they learn something new but they can connect with business contacts in the city.

Know who your audience is

Next consider how many people will attend your event. When looking at training facilities consider how much room will be required. Ensure you have enough space and that delegates won’t feel crammed in.

Next, think about the layout of the room. You want to ensure that every delegate can hear the speaker and can view visual aids easily. If you want your delegates to break out into groups consider how this will work and what kind of support materials you will need.

Ensuring there are no technology issues

There is nothing worse than finding that the projector doesn’t work or there is no Wi-Fi at your venue. Make a checklist of all the technological support you need to carry out your training day. You may need video conferencing facilities, a projector for your presentation or audio equipment.

A quality venue will have a team to offer technical support when you are setting up and throughout the day. Having someone to run off last minute print-offs or help you with a troublesome laptop can reduce stress-levels significantly!

Choosing the perfect training facility

In order to make the best choice, visit your shortlist of venues. You can see the facilities first-hand and meet the staff who will be supporting you. At Carrington Business Park ( we can offer a well-equipped training facility in Manchester. Speak to one of our experienced team to discuss your training venue needs today on 0161 776 4000 or at


Published Date: 10th May 2016
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Could training save you money?

At Carrington Business Park ( we offer a wide range of training rooms and conference facilities to businesses. Training can often be viewed as a nice-to-have luxury but more and more businesses are recognising training as a strategic investment that increases productivity, motivates staff and reduces employee turnover. Choosing to hold training days off-site ensures that staff concentrate fully on the aims of the day as well as making them feel valued. Read on to find out why you should consider training rooms at Carrington Business Park:

Reducing costs and time

Although there is an initial financial outlay for training, in the long term it can help to increase a company’s profitability. When employees are poorly trained it often follows that performance is low. Staff are unsure of how to fulfil their roles or do not understand why they should work in a particular way. Training allows employers to explain the requirements of a job which reduces the amount of time needed to correct errors and bad performance as well as limiting maintenance costs and customer complaints. Training also ensures staff require less management and have a higher work output. It allows an employee to grow and develop and can mould the managers of the future.

Increased Staff Satisfaction

Many staff will see training as proof that their employers value them and due to a growing understanding of the company employee satisfaction and loyalty grows. Employees that receive excellent training are less inclined to look for other employment reducing recruitment costs in the long run. However the training must be tailored to their needs and expectations to be truly effective in securing commitment. Employers need to ensure the information provided in training is valuable and that it is delivered in a way that supports learning. Choosing well-equipped training facilities can support this.

Reducing staff churn

A company can reap significant financial rewards from maintaining highly trained staff as the loss of employees can be costly. There are administration costs associated with an employee leaving such as exit interviews but the replacement costs can be far higher. A business has to find new applicants, take time out to interview and induct new employees. With a strong training programme the turnover of staff can be reduced dramatically.

At Carrington Business Park we have various training rooms available to accommodate groups of all sizes whether you are holding a team briefing or a department training day. All our training rooms are equipped with conference facilities so that you have all the support materials required to make the day a success. In addition to that we can help you with catering options. To find out more contact one of the team at Carrington Business Park on 0161 776 4000.


Published Date: 6th May 2015
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Could Manchester take your business to the next level?

At Carrington Business Park ( we are ideally situated for any business to tap into the vibrancy and commercial success of Manchester. Known as the second city of the United Kingdom, Manchester has established itself as a thriving business community. With a wide range of offices available to accommodate both small scale and larger companies it is worth understanding a little more about the benefits that Manchester could bring to your business.

Fully accessible by all major transport routes

Choosing office space close to Manchester ensures that your business is well positioned logistically. Carrington Business Park is situated close to the M62, M60 and M6 making the offices easily accessible by car for staff, clients and suppliers. Developing your client base in the North West couldn’t be easier with direct links to all major motorway networks.

Manchester International Airport is a short drive away if you have global reach and there is easy access to rail links.

Manchester, the business centre of the North West

Our offices are based in a semi-rural location just outside the centre of Manchester so you can avoid the misery of heavy traffic but be in the city quickly when required.

The centre of Manchester offers great opportunity to businesses. There are many exciting, well established commercial areas such as Deansgate and Piccadilly. Media City has become a vibrant hub for digital and creative businesses and surrounding areas such as Stockport, Warrington and Bolton are easy to reach.

Manchester’s Media Industry

Manchester has established a strong reputation within the digital, media and creative sectors. Most famously the city is home to the much-loved TV soap, Coronation Street which owns the proud accolade of the longest-running soap opera globally. Other iconic shows such as Shameless have put Manchester well and truly on the map and this has been reinforced by the BBC’s decision to relocate to Salford Quays.

In addition to the film and TV industry, Manchester has established itself as a leader in the digital industry with agencies of all shapes and sizes finding their niche in the city. Many industrial spaces have been converted to accommodate the growing demand for offices in Manchester. For businesses choosing to make Manchester their base there is a wealth of opportunity.

A diverse and vibrant city

Manchester has a strong personality and enjoys a diverse cultural base. The people and communities in Manchester ensure that there are many markets to draw business from and opportunities to develop a winning niche.

Choosing offices in Manchester could be just what your business needs to take it to its next level. At Carrington Business Park we have a range of beautifully outfitted offices to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Contact our experienced team on 0161 776 4000 or email now to find out more.



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Five reasons to use external training rooms in Manchester

At Carrington Business Park ( we offer access to fully equipped training rooms. Our conference room can be converted to accommodate large training sessions and we can set out the room to meet with your specific requirements.

There are many benefits to using external training rooms rather than carrying out your training in-house. Here are our top five benefits:

Using an external training room increases productivity

If you’ve ever tried to arrange a training day in-house you will understand what a monumental task it is to get everyone together on the day. With in-house training it can be all too easy for delegates to be called away to attend to an operational issue or to feel distracted by the mounting work in their in tray.

However ,choosing to hold your training event at an another venue allows your staff to completely switch off from the day-to-day at work and fully focus on the training objectives free from any impromptu interruptions. In addition to this, external training rooms are equipped to support your training requirements with all the appropriate training aids and facilities to make the day a success.

You are guaranteed the full attention of the attendees

Staff will find it easier to fully engage with the training day when off-site. Being away from the office environment allows delegates to enter a different space and to connect fully with the learning process. Away from the normal environment your team will be more open to creative thought, team work and interaction.

You can develop staff loyalty through off-site training

When your staff feel valued they are more likely to develop an emotional commitment to the company. Providing off-site training is often viewed as a perk by many staff. They view it as evidence that their employer values their existing skills and wants to develop them further.

You can enhance this even further by combining the training day with meal out or adding fun team activities. This benefits you as an employer as staff learn to work together in new, creative ways leading to greater efficiency and productivity back at the office.

When staff relax, brain activity increases

Taking staff out into a relaxing environment with high quality facilities can stimulate better thinking. If staff are tense and worried about getting back to their desks, they will fail to fully engage with the learning process. Many businesses find that idea generation is at its best when the team are taken off-site.

At Carrington Business Park we have a range of added value services and the latest in training and conference equipment to ensure your training event is a success. So for the perfect location and training environment contact us on 0161 776 4000 or email


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Facilities and Training Rooms at Carrington Business Park

Think outside the box – think outskirts of the city.
A dedicated space for concentration, lateral thinking and learning – Carrington Business Park can provide the solution for all your training facility needs. Located within easy access of Manchester and the North West motorway network, Carrington Business Park provides the ideal place for off-site training. Being within reach of the city of Manchester but not actually having to fight the traffic and pay for parking, we have the best of both worlds. Not only that but set in landscaped grounds our facilities provide a calming setting with opportunities for fresh air at lunch times or the chance to relax or network with colleagues and associates in the on-site cafe, which also boasts free wifi, soft seating and BBC news channel on TV.

Large and small training facilities available
Whether your requirements are for a small room for up to 6 people or a larger area for up to 50 people, Carrington Business Park has the capacity to suit your specific training and meeting demands. Our larger room can be arranged for 50 people or split into 2 for 25 delegates in each area.

Discussions, debates, interactive workshops, ideas, training…
At Carrington Business Park our meeting rooms can be set up in a board room style for round the table discussions, debates and workshop sessions, enabling idea generation, training and learning in a clean and purpose built environment, without the distractions of the office.

Away from the distractions of the workplace
It is amazing how much can be achieved when you take a group of people off site for a few hours. Perhaps the purpose of your session is to provide a scheduled training exercise to a group of sales managers or maybe a high level debate to produce a new strategic direction, or take some engineers to solve some technical problems. Some schools and colleges have even used our facilities for mock interview training to prepare students for university assessments and entering the working world. Whatever the reason for your training or workshop event, Carrington Business Park has a range of facilities and equipment to suit your needs.

All the equipment you need
Our range of multimedia equipment includes wireless internet, TV, video and DVD players, LCD projector, overhead projector, plasma screen and a hearing loop meaning your session is all inclusive. Most importantly (to some of the delegates) we can also at an extra cost supply teas, coffee and biscuits as well as chilled spring water to all rooms.

For more information contact Doreen Spencer on 0161 776 4000 or to see what other customers have experienced have a look at their testimonials at; select ‘Conference’ and then ‘Testimonials’ “..have found the rooms to be maintained to a good standard and the staff of the facility outstanding in their willingness to assist and accommodate…”


Published Date: 30th July 2014
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6 Tips for Successful Training: Choosing the Right Training Facilities in Manchester

Carrington Business Park ( don’t just provide great value offices to rent on short-term agreements in the Manchester area – they also offer superb training facilities ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Here are six tips for successful training – and how Carrington Business Park’s training facilities can help:

1. Isolate trainees from your everyday work

To ensure you have the undivided attention of your trainees, you should train as far away from their day job as possible. Using a room on your premises may be convenient, but it makes it all too easy for trainees to sneak away to check emails or voicemails.

Carrington Business Park has a wide range of training rooms on offer for rental on short-term agreements, providing the ideal training location away from your offices.

2. Choose a training room that’s the right size for the number of delegates attending

Hold your training session in a room that’s too large, and the emptiness could suck the atmosphere out of the room, making it hard to concentrate. Hold it in a room that’s too small, and your trainees will be uncomfortable and distracted.

Carrington Business Park has rooms of many different sizes to rent on flexible agreements. Whether you’re training as few as six or as many as 100, they’ll have a room to suit you.

3. Configure the room to suit your style of training

What format is your training taking? Is it a presentation? Discussion groups? Practical activities? Or maybe even a combination of them all? Each benefits from a different room layout.

With Carrington Business Park’s training facilities, you can configure the room to a layout to suit you, whether that’s cabaret, theatre or U-shaped.

4. Use audio-visual equipment to help keep attention

Audio-visual training elements are a great way to hold the attention of your delegates, whether it’s an interactive presentation or a training video.

Carrington Business Park has all the necessary equipment available (included in the room hire) for your training session Their theatre-style room is the ideal location for presentations and video viewings.

5. Delegates travelling from across the country? Choose somewhere easy to get to

It’s possible that trainees won’t all be travelling from the same area – in which case, you’ll want to hold it somewhere easy to reach.

Set on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park is easy to access, with good motorway network and public transport links, and even Manchester International Airport close by. There’s also free parking on-site.

6. Don’t train non-stop!

To keep your trainees engaged, it’s important to take regular breaks, and give your trainees the chance to digest the information you’re giving them.

They’ll find plenty of places to take five around Carrington Business Park – and they can even enjoy the great value on-site catering facilities in Cafe Carrington.

Find out more about Carrington Business Park’s Manchester-based training facilities available for rent on short-term agreements at


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