Carrington Business P.A.R.K

Parking –When you’re looking for office or workshop to rent in Manchester, remember that it might not just be the rent you pay for – paying for car parking every day can quickly add a lot of extra cost to your spend. If you’re looking for Manchester Offices to rent then you need to think about the added cost parking in or near a city could be costing you. However, there are some business parks and business premises that are able to offer free parking. Across the time you decide to rent your office space (this could be anything from 1 month to 10 years), it could save you a lot of money. Here at Carrington, we’re pleased to be able to say free parking is one of the ways which we differentiate ourselves from other business parks. Supplying free parking is just part of our overall ethos of customer service.

Accessibility – An equally important part of finding office space is how easy it is to get to. Renting office space in the city centre can often mean your premises are hard to find for clients and employees alike, and can often be difficult to get to by car. For many large and small businesses alike, there seems to be a general view that you have to be in the city to be successful. However, surveys have revealed that small to medium sized enterprises outside of the city do just as well as those within the city limits, so don’t let that cloud your judgement.


Refurbished- If you’re looking for a new place to run your business from, it really is a basic requirement that it’s newly refurbished. The way we look at it is that if your business is at the stage where you require new business premises then you’re probably going up in the world and you want your office space to reflect that. However, even if you’re downsizing, it doesn’t mean you have to work in a bad or out-dated environment. We believe the environment you work from is a key part of how you conduct your business and is directly connected with the success of a business.

Kudos – You only have to glance at the testimonials page on our website to see that our customers are happy. Kenny Hopton of Flexible Office Furniture and Interiors said:

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Business Park to anyone who requires, well managed professional workspace where they are given every opportunity and assistance to expand whenever they are ready.”

Since we operate as a not-for-profit organisation, all of the money we raise goes directly back into customer facilities, and this is reflected in the testimonials we have received. If you’re looking for Manchester Offices to Rent, you can contact Carrington Business Park on 0161 776 4000, www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk, or email us info@cbpl.co.uk.