Don’t Get Tied In: Why Short-Term Agreements Are a Must When Renting an Office in Manchester

So you’ve found what appears to be the perfect office to rent. It’s in the perfect location – perhaps within easy reach of Manchester city centre. It’s just the right size – no big empty spaces, nor is everyone crammed into every corner. And the cost of renting your office is just about right too. Just sign the 12-month agreement on the dotted line and it’s yours…


Don’t sign.

Committing yourself to renting an office for 12 months, or even six months, is a risk you don’t need to take.

Based in Carrington, on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park is designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses. They have a wide range of offices to rent, plus training, workshop and networking facilities.

All of their offices to rent in Manchester are on flexible agreements. Here are four reasons why, when renting an office, Carrington Business Park believe a short-term agreement is an absolute must:

Your business might grow quicker than you expected

With hard work, determination and a little bit of luck, your business may balloon in size faster than you’d ever imagined. You’ll need more staff and more equipment – which means you’ll need to rent a bigger office.

Your business might have to go smaller

It’s a harsh reality that, in the current economic climate, some businesses are having a tough time. You may need to look for a smaller office to rent to accommodate a smaller team, or you may have trouble affording the rent you’ve committed to.

You may need to relocate

Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, you may need to relocate your business, in which case you’ll need to find and office to rent in another area.

You may find a better-priced office to rent

Even if you don’t need to move, it might make economic sense to find a more competitively-priced office to rent – or one that offers more benefits than your current office, such as a more attractive or more accessible location, on-site catering or free parking.

Consider Carrington Business Park for your office to rent in Manchester

If you’ve looking to rent an office in Manchester, Carrington Business Park is well worth considering. It’s in easy reach of the city centre, and all their offices are on flexible agreements – just give a month’s notice if you decide to leave. You’ll also find many benefits tailored for the small-to-medium business, including on-site catering, free parking and superb networking opportunities.

So don’t get tied down. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of renting an office in Manchester on a short-term agreement. Visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk to find out more.