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Are you currently working from Home?

The advantages of being self employed can be a great thing.  These include choosing when you work and where you work.  In many cases working from home seems to be the most obvious way of working for a small business or satellite office.   Many people however, do not look at the costs (socially and financially) of doing so.

Working in commercial property has given me the opportunity to meet with many businesses including SME, large enterprise and private sector.  Conversations have been had with owner-managers, directors, heads of department etc, etc, etc. You may be one of these people, working from home, avoiding the traffic, having time to spend with the children?

Is it the most productive way to work?  Over the years, many of my clients have come to me as they find working from home unproductive.  Whilst their customers and suppliers are working regular office hours, they find that they often start work late as they prefer to carry out the school run themselves.  Due to other interruptions in the day (perhaps it’s a dog barking, or a few domestic duties) it has been known for many to be working into the evening long after their potential customers have left the office. Ask yourself, does working from home interfere with your family life?

Working in isolation can increase stress. It is also found that face to face interaction is crucial to identifying opportunities for collaboration, making and developing relationships and increasing your network of contacts.

Perhaps it is the financial investment in using office space allows workers to continue to work from home.  But balance that out against the extra productivity, more business opportunities and working inside a friendly business community is it really worth it.

Try an office for a month, you never know it may suit you better than you think.


Published Date: 9th August 2019
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Five Inspiring Reasons to Rent An Office In Manchester

Thinking of renting an office in Manchester? Maybe you’re relocating your existing business, or you’re already Manchester-based but looking to move from bedroom to rented office? If so, well done – you’re joining thousands of successful businesses who call Manchester home.

Based in Carrington, on Manchester’s outskirts, Carrington Business Park have offices to rent and many other helpful services for small to medium-sized businesses in Manchester. They could list hundreds of great reasons to rent an office in Manchester – here are just five of them:

  1. Manchester is fast becoming the creative centre of country (if not the world)

Former Simpsons writer and executive producer Josh Weinstein recently claimed that Manchester is “at the heart of a new revolution in the media industries”, and that Manchester could even overtake Los Angeles as a media hub! Powerful words from such a successful creative. You could be a part of it by renting an office in Manchester.

  1. Businesses thrive in Manchester

Creative agency BJL, the most awarded agency outside of London, are based in Manchester, and have a huge portfolio of national clients. Kellogg’s national head office is in Manchester, as are the national head offices for LateRooms.com and Betfred. Join the ever-growing list of successful businesses: rent an office in Manchester.

  1. Manchester – Britain’s culinary capital?

Hip burger joint Almost Famous is based in Manchester, and they’ve achieved national fame and spawned a host of imitators. Mexican fast food chain Barburrito also began in Manchester, and have begun expansion across the country. And while Manchester may lack a Michelin-starred restaurant, the recently opened Manchester House could well be the first. If you’re working in food or catering, Manchester’s the place to rent your office. If not, there will always be somewhere good to eat!

  1. A great place to work – and a great place to live

If you’re looking to relocate, Manchester isn’t just a great place to rent an office – it’s also a great place to live. Young professionals often choose areas such as Spinningfields or Chorlton (just six miles from Carrington), while up-and-coming areas such as Prestwich in North Manchester offer superb amenities and less-expensive housing.

  1. You don’t have to rent an office in Manchester city centre

With easy access to motorways and a comprehensive public transport network, travelling to and from your rented office won’t be a problem no matter where in Manchester you choose. And that’s why Carrington Business Park is such a great option for your rented office. It’s easy to reach whether by car (with free parking) or bus, and considerably cheaper than renting an office in Manchester city centre. Best of all, Carrington Business Park’s offices are all on short-term rental agreements. With these flexible agreements, you can leave your office with just one month’s notice.

To find out more about Carrington Business Park, and the many other benefits of renting an office in Manchester, visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.



Published Date: 17th December 2013
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5 Alternative Reasons to Rent an Office in Manchester

There are many great reasons to look for an office to rent in Manchester. It’s relatively central, cheaper than London, has excellent transport links, and to many it’s considered England’s “second city” (or third after Birmingham, perhaps. But we prefer Manchester.)

But these aren’t the only reasons to rent an office in Manchester…

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) is based in Carrington, near Trafford, on the outskirts of Manchester. They provide offices for rent and a whole host of other services for small to medium-sized businesses. Here are a few of the less commonly-discussed reasons for choosing an office to rent in Manchester:

Manchester is renowned for its creativity

From the music of The Smiths to the animations of Cosgrove Hall, from the immense acting talent of John Thaw to the hilarious comedy of Les Dawson, so many creative stars hail from Manchester. It’s also home to many talented creative agencies, bands and artists today. If you’re a creative, or you’re just looking to find an office to rent in an area you’ll find inspiring, Manchester is the place to be.

Nowhere is cooler than Manchester (probably)

From the effortless class of George Best (arguably the finest footballer Manchester United ever saw) through to the 90s Britpop swagger of Oasis, Manchester is always at the cutting edge of cool. If your business is one that could benefit from the cool cachet of a Manchester address, it’s well worth considering renting your office in Manchester.

Manchester is the best place to live – official

For the second year running, in 2013 Manchester was voted the best UK city to live in an extensive worldwide survey. And all the things that make it such a great place to live also make it a fantastic place to work.

Manchester is incredibly multi-cultural

Whether you have grand plans to expand your business globally or you’d appreciate influences from a variety of cultural and geographical backgrounds, you could do much worse than rent your office in Manchester. It’s estimated that over 200 languages are spoken across Manchester, as people from all four corners of the globe choose Manchester to live, work and play.

Manchester is where you’ll find Carrington Business Park!

Of course, Manchester (and, more specifically, Carrington) is the home of Carrington Business Park, providers of affordable offices to rent. With offices on short-term agreements, free parking and a host of impressive facilities including on-site catering, you’ll find everything you need for your business at Carrington Business Park.

Find out more about Carrington Business Park’s offices to rent, their affordable flexible agreements and the wide array of business services on offer at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.


Published Date: 1st November 2013
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Why Your Office Isn’t Always the Best Place to Do Business

If you’re happy with the office you rent but occasionally need more space, then there’s no need to consider new premises just yet…

You can rent conferencing, training and workshop facilities on short-term agreements – ideal if you only need extra space for short periods of time.

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) offers such a service. Based on the outskirts of Manchester city centre, they provide a wide range of facilities for small to medium-sized businesses. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might rent workshop, training or conference rooms from Carrington.

Confidentiality during sensitive meetings or job interviews 

At times, it’s advisable to hold meetings off-site. Perhaps you’ll be discussing information you don’t want your entire workforce to be privy to. Or maybe you lack somewhere suitably private to interview prospective employees.

Carrington Business Park will have a room to suit your needs, whether it’s for a one-on-one interview or a conference with many delegates.

Easy to find for visitors 

If you have attendees travelling from far and wide, and your office is located out in the sticks, they may have trouble reaching you. There may also be inadequate parking for so many guests, and public transport may be inadequate.

Meet at Carrington Business Park and there are a whole host of transport options, with convenient motorway access, plus bus routes from Manchester city centre. Manchester International Airport is also close by – handy if delegates are travelling from further afield. There’s even free parking!

Space and lighting for photo-shoots 

Whether photographing tiny, intricate objects, larger items such as vehicles, or staff photos for PR, you need your images to look as eye-catching and professional as possible. Choosing the right photographer is just half the battle – you’ll also need the right location.

Carrington Business Park can offer a space that’s perfect for your shoot. Your photographer will find ideal conditions in which set up a temporary photography studio – resulting in first-rate photography that’s sure to do the job.

Space to research, develop and manufacture 

If you’re developing new products, it can be helpful to be away from your office. Maybe you need extra space, or sterile conditions that your office can’t provide. Or maybe you just need peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

The workshop space available at Carrington Business Park is ideal for you to set up your laboratory or manufacturing processes – even if you work with sensitive equipment such as computer components.

So if you need to work away from your office, and you’re based in the Manchester area, visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk for more details and inspiration. And remember, all Carrington Business Park’s workshop and training facilities are available on flexible agreements – so you won’t be tied into paying rent for several months on end.


Published Date: 28th August 2013
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Five Signs It’s Time to Rent an Office in Manchester

So, you’ve set up a business operating from your home – and it’s going well. You’ve never been busier and you feel you may be ready to expand. Is it finally time to move the business out of your home and rent your first office?

If so, and you’re based in or near Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) can help you. They have a wide range of offices to rent on the outskirts of Manchester, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are five signs that it’s finally time to look for an office to rent…

1. It’s not just you anymore

If your business has expanded to the point where you’re taking on staff, working individually at separate locations doesn’t make for good team morale, and may impede the sharing and development of ideas. Working around your kitchen table with a team isn’t a realistic option, so if you’re big enough to have staff, you’re big enough to rent an office.

2. You need to keep work and play separate

Working from home leaves you all too open to distractions. It’s far too easy to treat yourself to more frequent, longer breaks, meaning that you’re not getting as much done as you should. Rent an office and you’ll focus more on work, increasing productivity – and profit.

3. Where do you meet your clients?

No matter what field you’re in, you’ll need to meet with clients regularly. While you may be able to meet at their premises, this involves taking time out of your day to travel – and that means there’s time when your work’s not getting done. Avoid this by renting an office with ample meeting rooms.

4. It’s time to network – but how, where and with whom?

If you’re new to business, you may not have built up a large contacts book yet. Work from home and networking opportunities will be hard to come by. However, find an office to rent in a business park such as Carrington, and you’ll find plenty of lucrative networking opportunities with fellow business owners.

5. Look like the professional you are

Rightly or wrongly, potential business partners, clients or employees may be wary of a business run out of your home. Rent an office and your business instantly appears more professional, respectable and trustworthy.

If you think it’s time to take the plunge and rent an office in Manchester, speak to Carrington Business Park. They’re conveniently located within easy reach of Manchester city centre – and unlike city centre offices, free parking is included.

Best of all, Carrington’s offices are all on short-term rental agreements. If you decide an office isn’t right for you after all – or you grow quickly and need more space – their flexible deals mean you won’t be tied in to your rented office any longer than you want to be.

So why not find out more about Carrington’s offices to rent in Manchester by visiting www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk?


Published Date: 28th June 2013
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Why Off-Site Training Is Much More Effective – And Much Less Hassle

Whether you’re carrying out mandatory, legally-required training or you just want to expand your team’s skillsets, regular staff training is a must. However, your offices may not be the best environment to hold your training sessions…

Based five minutes from the M60, on the outskirts of Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) provide offices to rent of small to medium businesses – and they also offer superb workshop and training facilities on short-term leases. Here’s how taking advantages of their flexible training services can help you…

Isolation from distractions

When training, you’ll want everyone to give their undivided attention. Hold training sessions on-site and it’s all too easy for fellow colleagues to interrupt. It’s also far too easy for trainees to slip away to check calls or emails. Hold training off-site and you’ll keep such distractions to a minimum.

New environment – new ideas

Training often requires participants to “think outside the box” – so if you’re surrounded by the same old “box” of your office, the same old ideas may persist. A change of scenery can help focus the mind, open everyone up to new ideas, and help your trainees to bring their own new ideas to the table.

Bigger rooms for larger groups

Your office may not have a room that’s suitable for training. If you run a small or medium-sized business, you probably don’t have a bespoke training room – and if you’re bringing together staff from various different locations, you might not have a room large enough to accommodate everyone. Carrington Business Park have training rooms that can accommodate up to 60 people – or as few as eight.

Training rooms that can be accessed by all

Also of importance if people are travelling from far and wide is accessibility. Business parks tend to be easy to access – for example, Carrington Business Park is near the M6 and M60 motorways, is accessible by public transport from Manchester city centre, and Manchester Airport is also close by. What’s more, any attendees travelling by car can take advantage of free parking.

Flexibility – configured just for you

Bespoke training rooms such as the room offered by Carrington can easily be tailored to suit the format of your training sessions. The rooms can be laid out in several configurations, and the main conference room can even be split into two separate rooms. This means when training larger groups you could run two sessions at once – saving you time and money.

Practical workshop training

Carrington Business Park also offer a wide range of flexible workshop facilities – ideal if your training involves practical elements that require laboratory conditions or manufacturing processes. Workshops can be rented on flexible monthly agreements.

So whatever your training needs, Carrington Business Park can help you provide the perfect environment. Find out more about Carrington’s training facilities, workshops and offices to lease at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.


Published Date: 23rd May 2013
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Looking for your First Office to Rent in Manchester? Three Pitfalls You Must Avoid

Running a small business from home is a great way to get started, but there will come a time when you need to branch out into your own office. At home there are too many potential distractions, and it can be useful to have somewhere to bring clients – and to accommodate new employees should your business expand.

If you’ve never looked for an office to rent before, it’s hard to know where to start. But help is at hand.

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) is conveniently located on the outskirts of Manchester, and has offices to rent to small and medium-sized businesses in Manchester. They’ve identified three pitfalls you must avoid when renting your first office…

1. Don’t stretch yourself

Business is booming, money’s flooding in and you’re ready to take the plunge into your first rented office. But don’t just jump into the first swanky office you see.

You don’t need to be in the city centre, and offices on the outskirts will have lower rents. And if you’re currently only a one or two-person operation, you should rent an office that’s designed for one or two people – it’ll be cheaper than a huge office with unnecessary, unwanted space.

2. Be afraid of commitment

If your business continues to grow, who knows how big you’ll be in six months’ time? Alternatively – and nobody likes to hear this, but it must be considered – if things don’t go as well as expected, you may need to leave your office behind.

Ensure you rent an office on a short-term agreement. A flexible agreement on a rolling monthly basis gives you the opportunity to leave when it’s right for you – so you won’t be tied into an expensive contract when it’s time to move on.

3. Don’t isolate yourself – no business is an island

Networking with other small business owners can be a great way to get new contacts and new business, but if you’ve isolated yourself in a rented office hidden away from everyone else, networking opportunities may be few and far between.

Consider looking for an office to rent in a business park. You’ll be part of a thriving business community, and who knows where a chance meeting in the work cafe or on the car park might lead? (And speaking of car parks, many business parks offer free parking – you certainly wouldn’t get that in Manchester city centre.)

If you’re looking for an office to rent that’s easily accessible, on Manchester’s outskirts, at a size to suit your fledgling business, on a flexible short-term agreement, and that offers fantastic networking opportunities and plenty of free parking, try Carrington Business Park.

Find out more at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.


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