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Office Space in Manchester without the stress

If you are looking for quality office space to rent in Manchester then at Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we can show you an extensive range of flexible workspaces to suit any size of business. If you are relocating or setting up business for the first time we can ensure the process is efficient and stress-free.

When moving to a new office there are so many things to plan and action it can be quite overwhelming. There are utilities to inform, IT and telecoms networks to set up and you may need to completely re-outfit and decorate the office premises. In addition to that it can be a major headache working out how you will position all your staff and ensure they have all the amenities and technical support required to run the business efficiently.

When you choose offices at Carrington Business Park we can help you to make all those plans and provide you with our expert advice on the best workspace for your business. We offer a range of fully outfitted offices all decorated in a professional, smart design which allows businesses to set up and get started straight away.

An address to put you on the map

As a business one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to locate your company. The area you choose must give you direct access to your potential customers and needs to ensure that you are easily accessible to suppliers, employees and clients. Transport networks will play a huge factor in your decision so choose wisely.

Carrington Business Park is well positioned next to major motorways, rail networks and Manchester International airport. The city of Manchester is a short drive away and offers a rich source of talent and business opportunities making it ideal for both start ups and well established businesses.

In addition to that your business address will make a positive impression and when visitors come to see you, they will be impressed by the professional office space and its amenities.

A team on hand to support you

You’ll also be supported by an expert team who will be on hand to assist your business and treat your clients and visitors to a warm welcome. Our reception staff are highly trained and will ensure that your brand values are supported by excellent customer care.

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we offer outstanding office space to rent in Manchester and our goal is to make moving to your new offices easier so you can focus on your business. Our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions so contact us today on 0161 776 4000 or email us at info@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 8th June 2016
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Getting the best office space for your business

It can be a daunting prospect choosing the best office space. In Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) offers a wide range of offices which will suit a range of business sizes. If your business needs to relocate due to growth or you need to access a certain market, or perhaps you are looking for offices for your brand new business, we can support your success with our contemporary, full-equipped rooms. In addition to standard office space there is also a wonderful range of laboratory workspace and workshops available which provide excellent transport access if you need to receive deliveries.

Getting the right place

Finding the right location is one of the most important steps in establishing a successful business. There are certain considerations that need to be made when choosing the best office space. Think about the customers and suppliers that will need to access your business. Will you need to receive regular deliveries? How much parking space will you need? Will you need to hold client meetings?

Carrington Business Park is perfectly situated to access transport networks. Your suppliers and clients will be able visit you from all the major motorways just outside Manchester city centre. Manchester also offers a rich source of business contacts, suppliers and employees. There is a thriving business community which your company can tap into.

Business Contacts

When choosing your office space, also consider the networking opportunities that are available to you. Being based on a business park with other like-minded business owners will open doors for your company. You may find customers, new suppliers and other business contacts. Being based on a busy business park will provide new sales and help you develop your business further.

Access to facilities

When looking at office space also consider whether there are any additional facilities you can benefit from. At Carrington Business Park you can enjoy catering facilities so that you can take clients and suppliers to lunch. We have a professional reception area so that your visitors can be greeted by welcoming staff ensuring the first impression is the right one.

We also have great parking facilities to support your business as your company grows. Offices are maintained by our in-house team ensuring your office space looks stylish, professional and efficient.

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) you can find the perfect office space for your business no matter what your size is or what your business requirements are. Our professional on-site team are trained to support businesses and ensure the all your everyday needs are met. Contact us today to discover the perfect office space in Manchester on 0161 776 400 or info@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 10th February 2016
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The Rise and Fall of Business Operations

How many businesses stay the same size, with the same number of employees, from the time of their inception to their termination? Answer – very few and even if you go back to being the same as before there may well have been a time when your business was larger or smaller. The point is that despite all your strategic planning, you never quite know what is round the next corner and how that may affect your trading and business development. Obviously the knock on effect of any growth or reduction in the size of your operation affects your work space. How many locations near Manchester do you know where your company could increase or decrease your work space without breaking a contract?

Competitive Office Rental

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) have the solution – what better arrangement than to have an adaptable site, on the outskirts of a major UK city, where you can rent an office tailored to your requirements? At Carrington Business Park we offer a variety of sizes of office space and if you find you need more square footage for your business we will try to accommodate your new requirements on site without the upheaval, downtime and administration costs that moving site usually incurs. Carrington Business Park, situated close to all the major North West motorway networks, is within easy driving distance of both Manchester and Manchester International Airport. So if your business involves international travel or visits from clients travelling by air, Carrington Business Park is an ideal location and just a short taxi ride away for European and International visitors.

Additional Services & Facilities

Another benefit of locating your business at Carrington Business Park is the support services and staff who are available to help you run your business smoothly, providing reception services, central mail room, meeting room bookings, office services (such as photocopying and laminating) and facilities management. Therefore, even if you are a small organisation or a one man band with only a small office space – you can always book one of our meeting rooms to present to your clients or hold important business negotiations. If you are looking for something more low key you could always take your client for a coffee at the onsite café – Carrington Lounge or on a pleasant day take a break in the grounds.

Business Development Opportunities

Bringing your business to Carrington Business Park affords your company some additional opportunities amongst our business community. With around 100 local organisations on site where better place to increase your client base than with your new neighbours. Carrington Lounge provides an ideal opportunity for networking.

Why not come and see for yourself? To make an appointment contact us on 0161 776 4000 or janet.smith@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 18th August 2014
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