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Office Space in Manchester without the stress

If you are looking for quality office space to rent in Manchester then at Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we can show you an extensive range of flexible workspaces to suit any size of business. If you are relocating or setting up business for the first time we can ensure the process is efficient and stress-free.

When moving to a new office there are so many things to plan and action it can be quite overwhelming. There are utilities to inform, IT and telecoms networks to set up and you may need to completely re-outfit and decorate the office premises. In addition to that it can be a major headache working out how you will position all your staff and ensure they have all the amenities and technical support required to run the business efficiently.

When you choose offices at Carrington Business Park we can help you to make all those plans and provide you with our expert advice on the best workspace for your business. We offer a range of fully outfitted offices all decorated in a professional, smart design which allows businesses to set up and get started straight away.

An address to put you on the map

As a business one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to locate your company. The area you choose must give you direct access to your potential customers and needs to ensure that you are easily accessible to suppliers, employees and clients. Transport networks will play a huge factor in your decision so choose wisely.

Carrington Business Park is well positioned next to major motorways, rail networks and Manchester International airport. The city of Manchester is a short drive away and offers a rich source of talent and business opportunities making it ideal for both start ups and well established businesses.

In addition to that your business address will make a positive impression and when visitors come to see you, they will be impressed by the professional office space and its amenities.

A team on hand to support you

You’ll also be supported by an expert team who will be on hand to assist your business and treat your clients and visitors to a warm welcome. Our reception staff are highly trained and will ensure that your brand values are supported by excellent customer care.

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we offer outstanding office space to rent in Manchester and our goal is to make moving to your new offices easier so you can focus on your business. Our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions so contact us today on 0161 776 4000 or email us at info@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 8th June 2016
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Getting the best office space for your business

It can be a daunting prospect choosing the best office space. In Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) offers a wide range of offices which will suit a range of business sizes. If your business needs to relocate due to growth or you need to access a certain market, or perhaps you are looking for offices for your brand new business, we can support your success with our contemporary, full-equipped rooms. In addition to standard office space there is also a wonderful range of laboratory workspace and workshops available which provide excellent transport access if you need to receive deliveries.

Getting the right place

Finding the right location is one of the most important steps in establishing a successful business. There are certain considerations that need to be made when choosing the best office space. Think about the customers and suppliers that will need to access your business. Will you need to receive regular deliveries? How much parking space will you need? Will you need to hold client meetings?

Carrington Business Park is perfectly situated to access transport networks. Your suppliers and clients will be able visit you from all the major motorways just outside Manchester city centre. Manchester also offers a rich source of business contacts, suppliers and employees. There is a thriving business community which your company can tap into.

Business Contacts

When choosing your office space, also consider the networking opportunities that are available to you. Being based on a business park with other like-minded business owners will open doors for your company. You may find customers, new suppliers and other business contacts. Being based on a busy business park will provide new sales and help you develop your business further.

Access to facilities

When looking at office space also consider whether there are any additional facilities you can benefit from. At Carrington Business Park you can enjoy catering facilities so that you can take clients and suppliers to lunch. We have a professional reception area so that your visitors can be greeted by welcoming staff ensuring the first impression is the right one.

We also have great parking facilities to support your business as your company grows. Offices are maintained by our in-house team ensuring your office space looks stylish, professional and efficient.

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) you can find the perfect office space for your business no matter what your size is or what your business requirements are. Our professional on-site team are trained to support businesses and ensure the all your everyday needs are met. Contact us today to discover the perfect office space in Manchester on 0161 776 400 or info@cbpl.co.uk.


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Finding the best office space in Manchester

If you are looking for high quality office space in Manchester then Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) may be just what you need. We offer a wide range of office space all located just outside of Manchester city centre which is renowned as the business capital of the North West. In the run up to 2016 many people will be contemplating setting up their own business or perhaps looking at a better location for their expanding company. When choosing the ideal office many businesses forget that the location can have a huge impact on the branding and image of a business. Choosing wisely is imperative if you hope to achieve your long term business goals.

Read on for some great guidelines to help you make the best choice:

Explore your business needs – the first thing to do is to consider the requirements of the company. Will you need to hold meetings with clients at the office? Could clients and partners drop-in to see you or will you visiting them onsite? If your business will be seen by clients, suppliers or partners you need to ensure the offices are professional and smart. This will send out the message that you are a reliable, trustworthy organisation that can deliver.
A welcoming reception team will make a positive impression on visitors and we all know first impressions count.

If you manufacture or distribute goods, think about your distribution networks. Will the new location be accessible by all forms of transport? Can you store goods onsite and will you need space for a workshop? By drafting a list of your essential requirements you can quickly draw up a shortlist of viable business parks.

Who are your customers? – Understanding your customer base and where they can be accessed is also a big consideration depending on your market. In Manchester you can tap into a diverse range of markets which will provide a rich source of business as well as suppliers and staff.

Network in the business community – You’ll also need to understand the existing business community. Scan local papers and business magazines to get a feel for how vibrant local business is. Contact networking groups in the local area and chat to business owners.
Finding a business park with a good mix of businesses can instantly provide a network of contacts to help your business succeed.

By researching the area you can secure a bright future for your business and office space in Manchester will ensure you get off to the best start. Visit our team at Carrington Business Park(www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) to experience the great facilities and range of office space available or call 0161 776 4000 or email us at info@cbpl.co.uk to discuss your needs.


Published Date: 8th December 2015
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Hassle Free Office Space in Manchester

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk/office-space-manchester) we offer professional, fully equipped offices in Manchester. We aim to make moving offices or starting up for the first time as straight forward and hassle-free as possible.

Often there are a number of headaches associated with moving into a new office. You may need to sort out telephone and broadband networking, decorate or fully outfit the offices to accommodate staff and work out the best way to utilise the space so that you have room for meetings and staff breaks.

At Carrington Business Park we take all that worry away by offering a range of different sized offices that are outfitted to a high standard in a neutral professional design so you can simply move in and get started! Here are some more ways our ready to go offices could help get your business off to a flying start:

An address that speaks volumes

Location is always an important factor – possibly the most important when choosing to relocate your business. You need a location that allows you to access your market easily and supports the logistics of your business. Carrington Business Park is just outside the thriving business city of Manchester. It is a prime location for accessing all the transport networks which will reduce any headaches in terms of suppliers, clients or employees accessing your new offices.

What’s more having an address in Manchester on a smart business park will also make a great impression. Clients and potential staff will instantly perceive that your business is going places.

Professional backup is priceless

It’s not just about the lovely surroundings but also the friendly, welcoming staff that support the residents of Carrington Business Park. Visitors to your business will be impressed by the trained, professional reception staff who are available to greet clients and suppliers as they arrive and also answer telephone calls.

This is particularly important if you are a new business just starting out. You will create the impression of a well established, successful business and will never miss an opportunity. There are also people on hand to help set up meeting rooms and support you if you have any conference requirements.

Tap into existing technologies

Again you can reduce your overheads and benefit from the latest technologies by tapping into the business park’s existing infrastructure. We have all the latest videoconferencing technologies as well as the benefits of telephone and broadband infrastructure. Our team is always on hand to help out with any issues.

At Carrington Business Park we aim to make your life less complicated so you can get on with your business. Our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions so contact us today on 0161 776 4000 or email info@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 17th June 2015
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How to choose great office space in Manchester

When choosing your office space, there are many considerations to make. Whether you are relocating due to a change in business requirements or you are looking for offices for the first time it can be a daunting process and one that you need to get right to ensure the ongoing success of your company. At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we have a wide range of offices available to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition to office space we also offer workshops and laboratory workspace with great transport access. Read on for our tips on choosing the best office space for your business:

A great location

Possibly one of the most important considerations you need to make is regarding location. Think carefully about your business needs. Who will need to access your business? Do you receive many deliveries? Will clients be visiting you onsite? How much parking will you need? At Carrington Business Park you have access to all the major motorways and would be situated just outside of Manchester one of the prime business communities in the North West. Being associated with such a prestigious location can give fledgling businesses credibility and provide larger businesses with a steady stream of talent and customers.

Networking opportunities

One of the major benefits to choosing office space on a close-knit business park is the networking opportunities available. Carrington Business Park is a community of like-minded business people that may become suppliers, customers, partners or useful contacts. These contacts with neighbouring businesses can provide a great source of sales and help your business to grow and succeed.

On-site facilities

When looking at office space, understand what the whole package includes. Are there catering facilities onsite for example where you can take clients for lunch? Is there a reception area with staff to greet your clients when they arrive? Are there adequate parking facilities for staff and customers? Are offices well-equipped and professionally maintained? All these elements make your business look well-established and efficient to clients and suppliers. They also make staff feel valued and comfortable.

Flexible Office Space
It makes sense to look for office space that allows your business to upsize or downsize as required. This limits disruption and provides continuity no matter how your business develops.

At Carrington Business Park we can help with all your office requirements and have a professional team onsite to help with all your day-to-day requirements. Contact us today on 0161 776 4000 or info@cbpl.co.uk to find out how we could accommodate your business.


Published Date: 11th May 2015
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The Rise and Fall of Business Operations

How many businesses stay the same size, with the same number of employees, from the time of their inception to their termination? Answer – very few and even if you go back to being the same as before there may well have been a time when your business was larger or smaller. The point is that despite all your strategic planning, you never quite know what is round the next corner and how that may affect your trading and business development. Obviously the knock on effect of any growth or reduction in the size of your operation affects your work space. How many locations near Manchester do you know where your company could increase or decrease your work space without breaking a contract?

Competitive Office Rental

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) have the solution – what better arrangement than to have an adaptable site, on the outskirts of a major UK city, where you can rent an office tailored to your requirements? At Carrington Business Park we offer a variety of sizes of office space and if you find you need more square footage for your business we will try to accommodate your new requirements on site without the upheaval, downtime and administration costs that moving site usually incurs. Carrington Business Park, situated close to all the major North West motorway networks, is within easy driving distance of both Manchester and Manchester International Airport. So if your business involves international travel or visits from clients travelling by air, Carrington Business Park is an ideal location and just a short taxi ride away for European and International visitors.

Additional Services & Facilities

Another benefit of locating your business at Carrington Business Park is the support services and staff who are available to help you run your business smoothly, providing reception services, central mail room, meeting room bookings, office services (such as photocopying and laminating) and facilities management. Therefore, even if you are a small organisation or a one man band with only a small office space – you can always book one of our meeting rooms to present to your clients or hold important business negotiations. If you are looking for something more low key you could always take your client for a coffee at the onsite café – Carrington Lounge or on a pleasant day take a break in the grounds.

Business Development Opportunities

Bringing your business to Carrington Business Park affords your company some additional opportunities amongst our business community. With around 100 local organisations on site where better place to increase your client base than with your new neighbours. Carrington Lounge provides an ideal opportunity for networking.

Why not come and see for yourself? To make an appointment contact us on 0161 776 4000 or janet.smith@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 18th August 2014
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Five Inspiring Reasons to Rent An Office In Manchester

Thinking of renting an office in Manchester? Maybe you’re relocating your existing business, or you’re already Manchester-based but looking to move from bedroom to rented office? If so, well done – you’re joining thousands of successful businesses who call Manchester home.

Based in Carrington, on Manchester’s outskirts, Carrington Business Park have offices to rent and many other helpful services for small to medium-sized businesses in Manchester. They could list hundreds of great reasons to rent an office in Manchester – here are just five of them:

  1. Manchester is fast becoming the creative centre of country (if not the world)

Former Simpsons writer and executive producer Josh Weinstein recently claimed that Manchester is “at the heart of a new revolution in the media industries”, and that Manchester could even overtake Los Angeles as a media hub! Powerful words from such a successful creative. You could be a part of it by renting an office in Manchester.

  1. Businesses thrive in Manchester

Creative agency BJL, the most awarded agency outside of London, are based in Manchester, and have a huge portfolio of national clients. Kellogg’s national head office is in Manchester, as are the national head offices for LateRooms.com and Betfred. Join the ever-growing list of successful businesses: rent an office in Manchester.

  1. Manchester – Britain’s culinary capital?

Hip burger joint Almost Famous is based in Manchester, and they’ve achieved national fame and spawned a host of imitators. Mexican fast food chain Barburrito also began in Manchester, and have begun expansion across the country. And while Manchester may lack a Michelin-starred restaurant, the recently opened Manchester House could well be the first. If you’re working in food or catering, Manchester’s the place to rent your office. If not, there will always be somewhere good to eat!

  1. A great place to work – and a great place to live

If you’re looking to relocate, Manchester isn’t just a great place to rent an office – it’s also a great place to live. Young professionals often choose areas such as Spinningfields or Chorlton (just six miles from Carrington), while up-and-coming areas such as Prestwich in North Manchester offer superb amenities and less-expensive housing.

  1. You don’t have to rent an office in Manchester city centre

With easy access to motorways and a comprehensive public transport network, travelling to and from your rented office won’t be a problem no matter where in Manchester you choose. And that’s why Carrington Business Park is such a great option for your rented office. It’s easy to reach whether by car (with free parking) or bus, and considerably cheaper than renting an office in Manchester city centre. Best of all, Carrington Business Park’s offices are all on short-term rental agreements. With these flexible agreements, you can leave your office with just one month’s notice.

To find out more about Carrington Business Park, and the many other benefits of renting an office in Manchester, visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.



Published Date: 17th December 2013
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5 Alternative Reasons to Rent an Office in Manchester

There are many great reasons to look for an office to rent in Manchester. It’s relatively central, cheaper than London, has excellent transport links, and to many it’s considered England’s “second city” (or third after Birmingham, perhaps. But we prefer Manchester.)

But these aren’t the only reasons to rent an office in Manchester…

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) is based in Carrington, near Trafford, on the outskirts of Manchester. They provide offices for rent and a whole host of other services for small to medium-sized businesses. Here are a few of the less commonly-discussed reasons for choosing an office to rent in Manchester:

Manchester is renowned for its creativity

From the music of The Smiths to the animations of Cosgrove Hall, from the immense acting talent of John Thaw to the hilarious comedy of Les Dawson, so many creative stars hail from Manchester. It’s also home to many talented creative agencies, bands and artists today. If you’re a creative, or you’re just looking to find an office to rent in an area you’ll find inspiring, Manchester is the place to be.

Nowhere is cooler than Manchester (probably)

From the effortless class of George Best (arguably the finest footballer Manchester United ever saw) through to the 90s Britpop swagger of Oasis, Manchester is always at the cutting edge of cool. If your business is one that could benefit from the cool cachet of a Manchester address, it’s well worth considering renting your office in Manchester.

Manchester is the best place to live – official

For the second year running, in 2013 Manchester was voted the best UK city to live in an extensive worldwide survey. And all the things that make it such a great place to live also make it a fantastic place to work.

Manchester is incredibly multi-cultural

Whether you have grand plans to expand your business globally or you’d appreciate influences from a variety of cultural and geographical backgrounds, you could do much worse than rent your office in Manchester. It’s estimated that over 200 languages are spoken across Manchester, as people from all four corners of the globe choose Manchester to live, work and play.

Manchester is where you’ll find Carrington Business Park!

Of course, Manchester (and, more specifically, Carrington) is the home of Carrington Business Park, providers of affordable offices to rent. With offices on short-term agreements, free parking and a host of impressive facilities including on-site catering, you’ll find everything you need for your business at Carrington Business Park.

Find out more about Carrington Business Park’s offices to rent, their affordable flexible agreements and the wide array of business services on offer at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.


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Workshop & Training Facilities in Manchester – For When Your Office Just Won’t Do

The office you rent may be perfect for your day-to-day business. But every now and then, you’ll need facilities that your office simply doesn’t have. So where can you go?

If you’re based in or around Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) is ideal. They have a wide range of facilities available that can be adapted perfectly for workshop and training use on flexible rental agreements – perfect for short-term projects.

Here are just a few of reasons why you might choose to take advantage of Carrington’s workshop and training facilities:

Researching, developing and manufacturing new products

If you’re developing a new product, you’ll want to ensure it’s rigorously tested in laboratory conditions – but chances are your office doesn’t have an on-site lab! Carrington can provide the ideal space for a lab for you, whether carrying out research and development into new products or manufacturing delicate, intricate electrical components.

Taking powerful commercial and product photography

If you’re producing photography for marketing purposes, not only do you need a professional photographer, you’ll also need a room with the right space and lighting to get the best possible photos – your boardroom isn’t going to cut it. Carrington’s open, spacious facilities can be adapted to provide you with the ideal studio conditions for striking, high-quality commercial photography.

Training your staff – free from distraction

If you need to hold training sessions for your team, your office is not the best place to do it. There are too many distractions, you may not have a room that’s the right size or shape, and if people are travelling from far and wide, your office may be hard to reach. Carrington can help, with their bespoke, reconfigurable training rooms – ideal whether training fewer than 20 or over 100.

But why choose Carrington Business Park for your workshops and training rooms?

Based on Manchester’s outskirts, Carrington Business Park easy to reach whether travelling by car, public transport, or even by plane, with the motorway network and airport close by. If you do travel by car, you can take advantage of free parking. What’s more, Carrington Business Park is run on a not-for-profit basis, so you’ll find their rates highly competitive.

And if you decide your current office isn’t so perfect after all, Carrington Business Park also boasts a wide range of offices to rent. They’re ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, all on flexible, short-term contracts. Best of all, rent an office in Carrington Business Park and their workshops and training facilities will always be close by for when you need them.

To find out more about Carrington Business Park’s workshop and training facilities, or their offices to rent, visit www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.


Published Date: 3rd July 2013
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Five Signs It’s Time to Rent an Office in Manchester

So, you’ve set up a business operating from your home – and it’s going well. You’ve never been busier and you feel you may be ready to expand. Is it finally time to move the business out of your home and rent your first office?

If so, and you’re based in or near Manchester, Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) can help you. They have a wide range of offices to rent on the outskirts of Manchester, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are five signs that it’s finally time to look for an office to rent…

1. It’s not just you anymore

If your business has expanded to the point where you’re taking on staff, working individually at separate locations doesn’t make for good team morale, and may impede the sharing and development of ideas. Working around your kitchen table with a team isn’t a realistic option, so if you’re big enough to have staff, you’re big enough to rent an office.

2. You need to keep work and play separate

Working from home leaves you all too open to distractions. It’s far too easy to treat yourself to more frequent, longer breaks, meaning that you’re not getting as much done as you should. Rent an office and you’ll focus more on work, increasing productivity – and profit.

3. Where do you meet your clients?

No matter what field you’re in, you’ll need to meet with clients regularly. While you may be able to meet at their premises, this involves taking time out of your day to travel – and that means there’s time when your work’s not getting done. Avoid this by renting an office with ample meeting rooms.

4. It’s time to network – but how, where and with whom?

If you’re new to business, you may not have built up a large contacts book yet. Work from home and networking opportunities will be hard to come by. However, find an office to rent in a business park such as Carrington, and you’ll find plenty of lucrative networking opportunities with fellow business owners.

5. Look like the professional you are

Rightly or wrongly, potential business partners, clients or employees may be wary of a business run out of your home. Rent an office and your business instantly appears more professional, respectable and trustworthy.

If you think it’s time to take the plunge and rent an office in Manchester, speak to Carrington Business Park. They’re conveniently located within easy reach of Manchester city centre – and unlike city centre offices, free parking is included.

Best of all, Carrington’s offices are all on short-term rental agreements. If you decide an office isn’t right for you after all – or you grow quickly and need more space – their flexible deals mean you won’t be tied in to your rented office any longer than you want to be.

So why not find out more about Carrington’s offices to rent in Manchester by visiting www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk?


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