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Reasons to Choose Offices In Manchester

If you are looking for office space to rent in Manchester there may be a number of reasons why you have chosen to look for a new work place. You may have just set up your own business and have chosen Manchester to launch your new enterprise. You may have worked from home until recently but have outgrown the confines of your home office. Or you may be an established business looking to upgrade offices to something that fits your evolving needs. No matter what your motivations for looking for an office in Manchester, at Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we can help you to find the perfect workspace for your business needs.

There are many benefits to choosing an office with Carrington Business Park. Read on to find out more.

Contracts that don’t tie you down

Businesses go through phases of change and flux whether they are fledgling enterprises or well established concerns. Inflexible leases can hinder growth and confine the development of your business. Look for flexible contracts that allow you to plan and budget for forthcoming changes in the short and medium term. This will allow your business the room to grow and is particularly helpful for new businesses looking to get a foothold in their market.

Offices that grow with your business

Another obvious advantage to flexible office space is to find a workspace that allows you to upsize or downsize as your business demands it. In today’s dynamic business world there will be natural ebbs and flows that the business needs to navigate. Flexible office space is highly beneficial as it avoids you having to pay for empty desks. On the other hand having to cram your growing team into a small office space can have a negative impact on productivity and can affect staff morale. The ability to increase the size of your office within the same business park as your company grows reduces costs and avoids any upheaval.

A location that feeds your business

When choosing a location it is paramount that your offices are positioned well to support your business needs. Transport links are important for many businesses and Manchester is perfectly situated to access motorway and rail networks as well as Manchester International Airport.

For new fledgling businesses it can be an advantage to be situated close to a thriving city such as Manchester. Manchester has an active and successful business hub attracting many industries to this vibrant city. For any business the city will offer a wealth of business contacts, suppliers and employees.

When it comes to employees choosing a location that has a good selection of amenities this is also a consideration. Carrington Business Park offers staff great facilities which will support recruitment.

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) you will find quality office space to rent in Manchester. Arrange to visit us today by calling 0161 776 4000 or email us at info@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 9th May 2016
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Why choose office space to rent in Manchester?

When choosing office space to rent you want to be sure that it will allow your business to grow and adapt. At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we have a range of offices or packages that provide a flexible service and a cost effective way to rent office space.

We’re located in a great part of Manchester, just outside the city centre but close enough so that you can easily tap into this vibrant business centre. Manchester offers businesses fantastic opportunities, a wonderful source of well-qualified employees and access to some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.

Flexible renting solutions

For start ups and new businesses traditional office space leases can hinder business growth. Often a conventional agreement restricts a business to a certain size and type of office which can hold the business back as it develops and expands. At Carrington Business Park you can grow your office space as you business requirements change.

First Impressions Matter

Whether you are a new business or more established, you need a professional and stylish office space to work in. At Carrington Business Park you can benefit from well-managed and beautifully maintained offices that will make a lasting impression on visitors, and attract employees who will love working there.

For a relatively new business this can be invaluable as professional offices will send out the message that you are here to stay and our professional reception will ensure visitors get a warm welcome.

When holding meetings, again you want to make the right impression. At Carrington Business Park we have a great range of conference facilities and meeting rooms with access to technology, on-site catering and of course professional surroundings.

When you’re out on the road the benefits don’t stop there. Your company image is protected by professional staff who will answer your incoming calls and receive any mail on your behalf. You’ll never miss an opportunity again.

Offices for all shapes and sizes

It’s not just smaller businesses that can benefit. Many larger businesses can gain from the cost advantages of simplified invoices, transparent billing and utilities managed in one monthly fixed fee.

The business community on the business park is thriving making it an important pool of resource and contacts for successful, ambitious companies.

If you would like to find flexible office space to rent in Manchester then look no further. The team at Carrington Business Park will be happy to help, so give us a call 0161 776 4000 or email us at info@cbpl.co.uk to discuss your needs.


Published Date: 14th January 2016
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How to choose great office space in Manchester

When choosing your office space, there are many considerations to make. Whether you are relocating due to a change in business requirements or you are looking for offices for the first time it can be a daunting process and one that you need to get right to ensure the ongoing success of your company. At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we have a wide range of offices available to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition to office space we also offer workshops and laboratory workspace with great transport access. Read on for our tips on choosing the best office space for your business:

A great location

Possibly one of the most important considerations you need to make is regarding location. Think carefully about your business needs. Who will need to access your business? Do you receive many deliveries? Will clients be visiting you onsite? How much parking will you need? At Carrington Business Park you have access to all the major motorways and would be situated just outside of Manchester one of the prime business communities in the North West. Being associated with such a prestigious location can give fledgling businesses credibility and provide larger businesses with a steady stream of talent and customers.

Networking opportunities

One of the major benefits to choosing office space on a close-knit business park is the networking opportunities available. Carrington Business Park is a community of like-minded business people that may become suppliers, customers, partners or useful contacts. These contacts with neighbouring businesses can provide a great source of sales and help your business to grow and succeed.

On-site facilities

When looking at office space, understand what the whole package includes. Are there catering facilities onsite for example where you can take clients for lunch? Is there a reception area with staff to greet your clients when they arrive? Are there adequate parking facilities for staff and customers? Are offices well-equipped and professionally maintained? All these elements make your business look well-established and efficient to clients and suppliers. They also make staff feel valued and comfortable.

Flexible Office Space
It makes sense to look for office space that allows your business to upsize or downsize as required. This limits disruption and provides continuity no matter how your business develops.

At Carrington Business Park we can help with all your office requirements and have a professional team onsite to help with all your day-to-day requirements. Contact us today on 0161 776 4000 or info@cbpl.co.uk to find out how we could accommodate your business.


Published Date: 11th May 2015
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The Rise and Fall of Business Operations

How many businesses stay the same size, with the same number of employees, from the time of their inception to their termination? Answer – very few and even if you go back to being the same as before there may well have been a time when your business was larger or smaller. The point is that despite all your strategic planning, you never quite know what is round the next corner and how that may affect your trading and business development. Obviously the knock on effect of any growth or reduction in the size of your operation affects your work space. How many locations near Manchester do you know where your company could increase or decrease your work space without breaking a contract?

Competitive Office Rental

Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) have the solution – what better arrangement than to have an adaptable site, on the outskirts of a major UK city, where you can rent an office tailored to your requirements? At Carrington Business Park we offer a variety of sizes of office space and if you find you need more square footage for your business we will try to accommodate your new requirements on site without the upheaval, downtime and administration costs that moving site usually incurs. Carrington Business Park, situated close to all the major North West motorway networks, is within easy driving distance of both Manchester and Manchester International Airport. So if your business involves international travel or visits from clients travelling by air, Carrington Business Park is an ideal location and just a short taxi ride away for European and International visitors.

Additional Services & Facilities

Another benefit of locating your business at Carrington Business Park is the support services and staff who are available to help you run your business smoothly, providing reception services, central mail room, meeting room bookings, office services (such as photocopying and laminating) and facilities management. Therefore, even if you are a small organisation or a one man band with only a small office space – you can always book one of our meeting rooms to present to your clients or hold important business negotiations. If you are looking for something more low key you could always take your client for a coffee at the onsite café – Carrington Lounge or on a pleasant day take a break in the grounds.

Business Development Opportunities

Bringing your business to Carrington Business Park affords your company some additional opportunities amongst our business community. With around 100 local organisations on site where better place to increase your client base than with your new neighbours. Carrington Lounge provides an ideal opportunity for networking.

Why not come and see for yourself? To make an appointment contact us on 0161 776 4000 or janet.smith@cbpl.co.uk.


Published Date: 18th August 2014
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Looking for a new space in which to operate?

You may be aware that Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) provides office and business facilities for 150 local companies, but did you realise that you could have a workshop at this handy location just outside Manchester?

Carrington Business Park can provide workshops for a variety of uses from light manufacturing to laboratories or photographic studios to storage areas. Whatever your line of business we can provide a space of the appropriate size and set up to suit your needs.

North West Workshops

Not only can Carrington Business Park serve your workshop needs, but if your company’s requirements change as your business develops and you need more space we can simply expand your unit or move you to another area within the park, with very little interruption, time consuming administration or removal costs to your operation.

Just one Bill!

The rental costs also include all your bills, including Business Rates, a phone line (calls charged separately), reception service, mail services, security and free car parking. With a Manchester address and easy access to the North West road network, Carrington Business Park is the ideal location solution for your workshop. Where else can you drive to easily without the inconvenience of city traffic congestion and with the knowledge that when you arrive you will be able to park without having to pay?

Open all hours!

As part of our service, Carrington Business Park provide round the clock security, giving you secure access to your workshop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling you to work the hours that suit you and the demands of your business throughout the year. In addition to that our staff are very friendly and on hand to help you out with secretarial support, facilities management and a manned mail room that ensures parcels are always accepted and signed for even in your absence or when you are unable to leave your work to take delivery.

A centre for opportunity and development

Apart from the financial and locational advantages of renting a workshop at Carrington Business Park, there is also the untold benefits of being part of a thriving business community, with endless networking opportunities. Many of the onsite businesses have grown just by talking to some of their neighbours, so what are you waiting for? Give Janet a call on 0161 776 4000 or email janet.smith@cbpl.co.uk to discuss your workshop requirements and book an appointment to visit.


Published Date: 18th August 2014
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