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4 Top Tips for Holding a Successful Conference in Manchester

Looking to hold a conference soon? Why not consider taking advantage of Carrington Business Park’s conference facilities in Manchester? Here are four handy tips from Carrington Business Park to help make your next conference run smoothly, efficiently and successfully:

  1. Choose the location carefully

If you have delegates travelling from far and wide, it’s important you choose somewhere that’s easy for everyone to reach. That’s why Carrington Business Park is ideal. They’re based in Carrington on the outskirts of Manchester, within easy reach of Manchester city centre, the M60, M6 and Manchester Airport. What’s more, for delegates driving to your conference, ample free parking is available.

  1. Ensure your conference room is the right size

If you don’t have a huge number of delegates attending your conference, you don’t want to hold it in a huge room. The empty seats and unused space will create an uneasy atmosphere and distract from the issues at hand. Similarly, you don’t want to cram a hundred delegates into a tiny space until you’re left with standing room only! Carrington Business Park have conference facilities to suit parties of all sizes, from their 8-person boardroom to a theatre-style room for up to 100 delegates.

  1. Take regular breaks throughout your conference

If your conference is a one or two-day event, ensure you take regular breaks throughout. This gives anyone presenting the opportunity to recharge their batteries, as well as giving all attendees the chance to digest what’s been discussed. Carrington Business Park’s conference facilities include on-site catering with the Cafe Carrington. There are also plenty of places around the park that are ideal for a stroll to clear your mind and get ready for the next item on your agenda.

  1. Use audio-visual elements (but don’t go overboard)

On-screen presentations can help your delegates focus on the issues at hand during your conference. But don’t fill the screen with vast swathes of text. Use as few words as possible, in bullet-point form, just to emphasise the points you’re making or to help avoid things drifting off-topic. And don’t forget to use plenty of images to keep your delegates engaged. If you plan on using audio-visual presentations, Carrington Business Park can provide the equipment you need to display them.

Carrington Business Park’s conference facilities are ideal for conferences from 8 to 100 delegates. In addition to their conference facilities, they also offer a wide range of services for small to medium-sized businesses based in Manchester. These include offices to rent on flexible rental agreements, training services and networking events. And don’t forget that Carrington Business Park is easy to reach, with free on-site parking, making it ideal for conferences.

Learn more about Carrington Business Park, including their flexible conference facilities, at www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk.


Published Date: 3rd January 2014
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