Five reasons to use external training rooms in Manchester

At Carrington Business Park (www.carringtonbusinesspark.co.uk) we offer access to fully equipped training rooms. Our conference room can be converted to accommodate large training sessions and we can set out the room to meet with your specific requirements.

There are many benefits to using external training rooms rather than carrying out your training in-house. Here are our top five benefits:

Using an external training room increases productivity

If you’ve ever tried to arrange a training day in-house you will understand what a monumental task it is to get everyone together on the day. With in-house training it can be all too easy for delegates to be called away to attend to an operational issue or to feel distracted by the mounting work in their in tray.

However ,choosing to hold your training event at an another venue allows your staff to completely switch off from the day-to-day at work and fully focus on the training objectives free from any impromptu interruptions. In addition to this, external training rooms are equipped to support your training requirements with all the appropriate training aids and facilities to make the day a success.

You are guaranteed the full attention of the attendees

Staff will find it easier to fully engage with the training day when off-site. Being away from the office environment allows delegates to enter a different space and to connect fully with the learning process. Away from the normal environment your team will be more open to creative thought, team work and interaction.

You can develop staff loyalty through off-site training

When your staff feel valued they are more likely to develop an emotional commitment to the company. Providing off-site training is often viewed as a perk by many staff. They view it as evidence that their employer values their existing skills and wants to develop them further.

You can enhance this even further by combining the training day with meal out or adding fun team activities. This benefits you as an employer as staff learn to work together in new, creative ways leading to greater efficiency and productivity back at the office.

When staff relax, brain activity increases

Taking staff out into a relaxing environment with high quality facilities can stimulate better thinking. If staff are tense and worried about getting back to their desks, they will fail to fully engage with the learning process. Many businesses find that idea generation is at its best when the team are taken off-site.

At Carrington Business Park we have a range of added value services and the latest in training and conference equipment to ensure your training event is a success. So for the perfect location and training environment contact us on 0161 776 4000 or email info@cbpl.co.uk.

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